The Championship Of Russia. Fresh blood should benefit

Already help. Assume that both the debutant, who spoke in a strong European clubs, will be able to bring a fresh approach to the training process, the organization and the move will achieve significant success. But the lack thereof should not plunge into depression. In any case, the crisis of the Russian football coaches will lead the new generation. Himself ready in a year when the end of the contract, to return home. Of course, if the relevant proposal.Alexei SMERTIN, midfielder Bordeaux France:1. Carefully watch the events in Russian football, and the appointment of head coaches Shalimov Aleynikov and encouraging. Both had serious school in the Italian Serie a, playing under the guidance of eminent professionals. From working with them they certainly benefited. I hope, together with young players in the championship of Russia will have a new Outlook on the game. For example, Shalimov, which mark personally, will probably use a formation with two holding Midfielders - so act not only my Bordeaux, but eighty percent of French clubs in the top division, as well as updated team Russia. In the Western manner, I am sure, will restructure the game "torpedo-ZIL" and Aleynikov.By the way, in France too, there is the example of appointment to the post of chief coach of the expert, barely finished his playing career. The long speech about the France captain Didier Deschamps, who led Monaco. Though, his teams so far are neither good nor bad. But this is largely due to the specificity of the French championship, where traditionally a high density in the table.2. Although personal responsibility for the result is just the head coach, much still depends on the selection of players he has. One way or another, but it seems to me, and Shalimov, and Aleynikov came to the Premier League clubs to address the serious problems. During the season I will sympathize with their teams and to follow the "torpedo-ZIL" and "Uralan" - especially for Elista club, where he once played.Alexander MIRZOYAN, defender of "Spartacus" 70 - 80-ies:1. Is normal that in our football people come with new thinking, not related to the RFU to any obligation. The fans are tired of living the promises, and the financial heads of the clubs are tired of betting on the same coaches who wander from team to team. One could, of course, to do otherwise is to invite the expensive specialist from abroad. However, the current experiment is not less interesting. Uralan and "torpedo-ZIL" was headed by young coaches, many years Varesina in the Western soccer and familiar with the local cuisine. How promising is this way, will show the upcoming season.2. Shalimov and Aleynikov came to teams that do not have rich traditions and not able to boast of stability. Therefore, to achieve results they will be very difficult. Players "Uralan" and "torpedo-ZIL" first of all it is necessary to readjust psychologically that in one season is hardly possible. And yet don't want to sound pessimistic. We believe in the best. In any case, will see whether Russia to focus on those countries where football is now most developed. Or we are doomed to be unfortunate in this context, identity, and revolutionary steps are still not ready..

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