For the super Cup Lokomotiv - rehearsal

For the super Cup Lokomotiv - rehearsalLokomotiv is more important than the Champions League match with Borussia than the super Cup against CSKA Moscow. This was stated by one of the mentors of railwaymen Boris Ignatiev. At the same time, the club considers the upcoming fight with the army as one of the rehearsals for a decisive match in Dortmund March 12, said Ignatiev. Therefore, according to him, all the strongest players of today "Locomotive", and in all lines, including the goalie, will participate in the super Cup match. "But at the same time, March 8 definitely will not play those who do not feel 100% prepared", - said in an interview to RIA "Novosti" Ignatiev. Coach of railwaymen also said that the state of the field of stadium "locomotive" in Cherkizovo for this time of year he assesses as satisfactory: "the Main thing is to not have the snow or the rain."". Читать полностью -->

Pestryakov eager to play for Spartak

Pestryakov eager to play for SpartakSuch a clearing on a Saturday on the East!", exclaimed the sports Director of "Spartak" Alexander Chikunov, when the correspondent "SE" with him watched one of the last before the start of the official season of training, the "Spartacus". Field on torpedoman the stadium, they say, is unimportant. But on the basis of Tarasovka people did a great job. For early spring training pitch is in excellent condition. Probably more so worked Spartak with hunger.While the main mystery at camp red-white: will you play today Titov and Vashchuk? Spartak kept it a closely guarded secret. At a recent meeting with fans Oleg Romantsev left from the direct answer. Читать полностью -->

The goalkeeper of the national team of Slovakia may be Shinnik or Spartacus

The goalkeeper of the national team of Slovakia may be Shinnik or SpartacusIn the near future on view in "Shinnik" or "Spartacus" may receive the goalkeeper of the national team of Slovakia Juraj boucek. As reported by the player agent George Gogoladze, negotiations are underway with Moscow and Yaroslavl clubs on the continuation of the career of the 29-year-old goalkeeper in Russia. The greatest activity in the acquisition of the Slovak giant (204 cm, 93 kg) exercise leadership "Shinnik". Spartak took the time to think.Boucek, protects color "Xanthi" since 1997, three times voted the best goalkeeper of the championship Greece in 1999, 2001 and 2002. In his 14 matches for the national team, including at a recent Tournament four against Cyprus (3:1).. . Читать полностью -->

In Spain not comment on reports of a possible transfer of David Beckham to real Madrid

In Spain not comment on reports of a possible transfer of David Beckham to real MadridThis news was in short form, passed on Saturday evening influential radio station and the Agency "Cadena SER", and more details were provided of the main newspaper of Spain Estrella Gobierno digital". However, in the Spanish media on Sunday, reports and comments on this sensational occasion. There was no word about the transition to English football in real and on the Internet website of the club of Madrid.The correspondent of RIA "news" tried several times to contact the management of "real" to get his comments on this occasion, however, his attempts were unsuccessful. Spanish sports journalists also surprised by the message "Cadena SER" and "Estrella Gobierno digital". They do not exclude that these authoritative Spanish media, wishful thinking, hurried to announce the success of the negotiations over the transfer of Beckham to real Madrid, which, they claimed, "was held in the summer of utter secrecy".Earlier in the Spanish media have already appeared similar reports, but later they were not confirmed, as at the last moment the negotiations were deadlocked.Another explanation may be that in this case it was about new year's raffle, which occasionally held in Spain at this time, although this tradition is almost forgotten.. . Читать полностью -->

Alexander elensky: Contract Vashchuk with Dinamo expires on 31 December 2002

Alexander elensky: Contract Vashchuk with Dinamo expires on 31 December 2002Yesterday in the guest book on the website hosted online fans with the technical Director of FC "Spartak" (Moscow) Alexander Elensky, in which was expressed the position of the red and white in connection with the transfer of the captain of Kiev "Dynamo" Vladislav Vashchuk. "Contract Vashchuk with FC Dynamo Kyiv will expire on 31 December 2002, - says Elena. From January 1, 2003, the footballer, now nandasena on vacation, has the right to contract with any club of his choice. In Dynamo (Kyiv) neither player has a copy of the contract on his hands. Three days ago, during my stay in Kiev, I managed to get a copy of the contract Vashchuk from an employee of the club Dinamo (Kiev).In this contract, signed in 1995 for 5 years, has a clause that automatically renews the contract AST two years indicating the specific date of completion is 31 December 2002. This contract was registered in the Ukrainian PFL. Читать полностью -->

Wings of the Soviets decided both matches with the Rotor to be held in Volgograd

Wings of the Soviets decided both matches with the Rotor to be held in VolgogradBoth matches of the 1/8 finals of the Cup of the Premier League between the "Wings of the Soviets" and "Rotor" will be held in Volgograd at the Central stadium, according to NTV Sport. The initiative of holding both matches in the same city made the "Wings" that have agreed to forfeit home field advantage in the second leg. The first match will be held on March 29, the second to 2 April.. . . . Читать полностью -->

Fletcher ready for the Premier League

Fletcher ready for the Premier LeagueCoach "Manchester United" Alex Ferguson said that a young player Darren Fletcher is ready to play in the Premier League. 19-year-old player made a favorable impression when I entered the field in the Champions League match against Swiss "Basel". Now the coach is ready to throw it in the crucible of the Premier League."I think now he can play in the first team. He was in the reserves for two months, but now it's finished, " the coach said. I think on Wednesday (in the match against Basel), he played well but he needs to become stronger; once, when he stops growing, his physical condition will be better."". . Читать полностью -->