Fletcher ready for the Premier League

Fletcher ready for the Premier LeagueCoach "Manchester United" Alex Ferguson said that a young player Darren Fletcher is ready to play in the Premier League. 19-year-old player made a favorable impression when I entered the field in the Champions League match against Swiss "Basel". Now the coach is ready to throw it in the crucible of the Premier League."I think now he can play in the first team. He was in the reserves for two months, but now it's finished, " the coach said. I think on Wednesday (in the match against Basel), he played well but he needs to become stronger; once, when he stops growing, his physical condition will be better."". . Читать полностью -->

British lawmakers are forcing players to play up to 55 years old

British lawmakers are forcing players to play up to 55 years oldSignificantly lengthen your sports age will have the footballers and Rugby players in the UK in accordance with the new amendments to the pension regulation of the United Kingdom. As reported here today, informed sources, the changes will make the representatives of these sports, as well as supermodels and dancers to work until 55 years before retirement. Previously to retire can be had in 35 years.The impetus for a dramatic increase in age ceiling for pensions became General aging of the population, which revealed held in 2001 census. Under the new proposals, the Cabinet of Ministers on pension coverage only at a rather advanced age have not forgotten athletes. Such innovations can literally shock first of all these young "stars" of the English Premier League as a striker, "Liverpool" 22-year-old Michael Owen and 17-year-old talented striker of Everton Wayne Rooney in the sport, and serious injury.Currently athletes deposits in pension funds - best tax efficient way of investing. However, as experts warn that the new rules will compel prosperous now stars refocus their investments on such a "tax haven" as Monaco.. Читать полностью -->

Martin Kushev: Preferred Shinnik Turkish clubs

Martin Kushev: Preferred Shinnik Turkish clubs29-year-old striker "Shinnik" the Bulgarian Martin Kushev, left Sofia Slavia in the rank of top scorer of the national championship, has already begun to justify the advances. His goal in gate "Rostov" has not only allowed the citizens to avoid defeat, but also recognized as the "SE" the most beautiful in the second round.- Game head - my ACE - recognized striker. - Speaking at home, I often scored from the "second floor". Growth, good, lets go to the winner in aerial duels. The main thing is that such targeted transfers, which made Kucharz was more. Tomas gave the ball at a comfortable height, and I just had to punch in a "dead zone".- In Rostov "Shinnik" has gained a point or two lost?- The first time was unimportant, but after the break we dominated possession and had many chances to win. Читать полностью -->

Torino nearest home match will hold in Reggio Emilia

Torino nearest home match will hold in Reggio EmiliaThe next match of the championship Italy vs. "Regina" Torino" will play at the stadium in Reggio Emilia, informs soccerage. This decision was made by the leadership of the Italian League. Torino will have the following five home League games to take place outside of Turin due to disturbances caused by fans during a match with "Milan".. . . Читать полностью -->

IГ±aki sГЎez: In a sense I am a father to his players

IГ±aki sГЎez: In a sense I am a father to his playersThe closer paired the March-April the European qualification matches, the more inflames the fire of hype around them at the Pyrenees...especially since that in Spain are convinced that the most difficult barrier to Portugal "selecion pending in Kiev. Say, winning the "Olympic" virtually guarantees Pets of iГ±aki SГЃEZ "green street" on the remaining turns of the qualifying tournament.Perhaps this statement is somewhat giperplazirovannam, but a grain of truth in it, certainly, is present. Let's not forget: the Spaniards already have the victory in inhospitable for any enemy of Greece, and at home they are extremely reluctant to share points with anyone. Behind examples far to go too - remember how confident they are on the Balearic plunged the Vice-Champions of the world - the Germans...However sГЎez not carried away by the result may be successful but still friendlies. "Entrenador" today more than ever concerned with the problems that hit the key defenders for the team. The Elger, Juanito Alonso, Garcia Calvo - this is only a partial list of players of the defensive line, which recently faced with injuries. Читать полностью -->

Bondarenko headed Mozambique

Bondarenko headed MozambiqueThe national team of Mozambique has acquired a new head coach. Interestingly, this post was occupied by Victor Bondarenko signatories to a one-year contract and has already coached the team in the period from April 1993 to November 1995.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Martin Laursen is looking for a new club

Martin Laursen is looking for a new clubThe Milan defender Martin Laursen is going to leave the club from the capital of Lombardy after the current season. Football team of Denmark finds that in the person of Paolo Maldini and Alessandro Nesta coach of the Rossoneri has excellent defensive bunch and his time at Milan expired. The agent of the player Federico Pastorello stated that the most viable option for its Scandinavian customer may be moving on loan to another club. "Next season is very important for Martin and most likely, he will leave Milan," said Pastorello called as the main contenders for Laursen English "Tottenham" and Scottish "Rangers."Martin wants to act as a part of a strong team, " said player agent, he could stay in Italy. In the Apennines the most appropriate club for Martin could be "Parma", with a coach he knows well from his work in Verona".. . Читать полностью -->

Bobby Charlton: the die Hard Arsenal London

Bobby Charlton: the die Hard Arsenal LondonArsenal hard time fitting in this season's FA Cup: Arsene Wenger's team for the second time in a row occurs with the strongest teams in the Premier League, but such is the whim of fate.One of the clubs in rivals constantly get or averages, or representatives of the lower divisions, while others have blood and sweat to hack their way to the final, battling with the favorites.If Arsenal this year will again be able to win the Cup, this achievement can be safely considered a football feat. Judge for yourself: "gunners" at the moment are fighting on three fronts, while not losing the chances of winning on any of them.It is amazing how players can be so much effort and energy? Wenger will have a lot of head-scratching over how to preserve the freshness in the game in the home stretch of the season, which, apparently, will have his charges are very complex.Not to mention and also the achievements of Junior-grade teams ? in the semi-finals made at once two representatives of the first division, which happens infrequently.Particularly impressive are the achievements of Waford": "Canary" has already knocked out two teams draw in the Premier League ? "West Brom and Sunderland, and now barred the road "Burnley".Let's see what happens next, but don't be surprised if this year in the final, will be playing not only clubs from the higher echelons of English football.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Chernomorets. Christ's command

Chernomorets. Christ's commandDuring the off-season in Novorossiysk "Chernomorets" has worked three trainers. The core team consists of players who are over thirty. Finally, the budget of the club is equal to eight million dollars, of which six are provided by the state. What to expect from "Chernomorets" in the forthcoming championship?The offseason was at Novorossiysk, needless to say, rough. Anything happened: rumors of high-profile transfers, the statement about a possible withdrawal from the League to gain a Foothold in the top ten is such a goal for the team in the season. Читать полностью -->

Bayern buys Argentine defender

Bayern buys Argentine defenderMunich "Bavaria" and "river plate" agreed to move to Germany Argentine defender Martin Demichelis. It is expected that in January, 21-year-old South American will sign with Bundesliga leader contract for a period of four years. However, it Demichelis still need to undergo a medical examination in Munich. Bayern wanted the Argentinian was able to protect its color after the winter break. However, in reality, the defender will join the team in the summer.. . Читать полностью -->

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