Donetsk Pestryakov started training with Spartacus

Donetsk Pestryakov started training with SpartacusThe last and most famous beginner "Spartaka" can be a midfielder Donetsk "Shakhtar" Oleg Pestryakov. The player is training in the "red-white" and, most likely, will be included in the squad for the season. The leadership of "Spartacus" intends to take the Ukrainian in rent for four months.At the time Pestryakov could already be in the team of Oleg Romantseva in 1999. However, having arrived from Rostov to Moscow, where he played for the local "Rostselmash", the Ukrainian player after deliberation decided to pursue a career in Donetsk, where he was offered better conditions, than "Spartak". Career at Shakhtar have Pestryakova was not as good as they could be. The reason for this severe injury, recovery which took midfielder for a long time. Читать полностью -->

A locomotive. Locomotive history

A locomotive. Locomotive historyThe railroad opened the season in 2003, almost a month earlier than other Premier League clubs. No tangible dividends of the February matches with AC Milan, the team of Yuri Semin has brought. At the same time meeting with red and black not given reason to doubt that claim of "Locomotive" in the new Russian League title is fully justified.It's not "honorable-worthy account of both meetings of the champion of Russia with the Italian Grand. Just the very course of these matches dispelled many of the tenets of the "seasonal" theory of Russian football."Locomotive" in February looked not at all a sort of a Russian bear, not understanding why he was lifted from the den in the middle of winter hibernation, and pointless hopping across the snow-covered pitch, wasted trangia and without that few forces.No, the railroad is practically not inferior to the Italians nor the level of functional training, nor in the meaningfulness of tactics and game discipline. Not enough, perhaps, only the sense of rhythm and sense of camaraderie - the feeling that to any professional team, by definition, cannot come in the opening games of the season.So red and green this year confirmed the findings, an obvious last fall: "the locomotive" becomes quite competitive club even against legislators in European fashion. Читать полностью -->

Real Madrid - Borussia Dortmund. Pre-match review

Real Madrid - Borussia Dortmund. Pre-match reviewWhat once seemed a distant fantasy, a reality. To ensure that the chances of "real" to protect the title of the strongest club of Europe has not moved into the category of theoretical, tomorrow real Madrid need to win dorandeu Borussia. This game is key on the way to the quarterfinals and the team Vicente del Bosque, for wards and Matthias Sammer. "Borussia" in 2 matchdays earned 3 points - on the road the Germans defeated Lokomotiv Moscow - 2:1, while Milan lost 0-1. With the same score lost to the Apennines and real Madrid, played at home with Muscovites in a draw - 2:2. Читать полностью -->

Totti will miss the match against Ajax

Totti will miss the match against AjaxThe Roma player Francesco Totti in any event, will miss the next Champions League match against Amsterdam "Ajax". Roma appealed the judge's decision, however, it will only be considered on March 21, and the game will take place on the 19th.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

The Championship Of Italy. Events

The Championship Of Italy. EventsForward "Atalanta" Fausto Rossini scored two goals against Milan, thus celebrating the 25th day of his birth."Lazio remains without a single victory in the second round and scored only 5 points. Less - only "Piacenza", "Torino" and "Empoli"."Regina" wins a fifth consecutive win at home. In the first eight rounds, held in the new year, the team from the South of Italy is inferior only on points with Juventus, sharing second place with inter.A potential entrant "Uralane Dario Passoni out on the field in the AC Chievo Verona vs Torino (in the 86th minute instead Franceschini).. . . Читать полностью -->

The USSR and Russia. Records Championships

The USSR and Russia. Records ChampionshipsRecordsclose RES-recordsmanagement-recordsmanagement (days):nabolisa th CHempionat-th-NEA-th-t (fall)2094-th-this teams:naibolee-th-th-th-then-th-t (spring)163-rd, 4 th, 7 th - 11 th-Tu-95, 1998-all matches:naibolee-th and 30-th-Ty,19683075-th-then-th-t (spring)2403-th, 4-th, 7-10-Ty-95, 1998-are-th - 54 th-Ty-199128841-th - 11-th-Ty-all goals:naibolee-th-th-th-then-th-t (spring)5829-th-TSM-th - 54 th-Ty-199173361-th - 11-th-Ty-SR. effectiveness:lucsa,182nd than-t (fall)2,924 th-Thua,9826-th-t,346-th-TBA,551-nd - 54 nd-ti-19912,541-th and 11-th-Ty-Yi:greatest cislo-th-th-th-TII procent,640 th-t,03-nd-non cislo-th-t (spring)484-th-TSI procent,51-t (spring)20,04-th-tli the result (in %)Kozaev,439-rd-t (fall)75,02-th-they,01-nd and 3-th-TA (spring), 193740,911-th-Tay effective match:DINAMO M - DINAMO Q:ASMARA - Sanitay large scet:DINAMO M - CU.TIPS M:LOKOMOTIV M - Uralian comanducci pokazatelstva РезультатРекордсменыГодРезультатрекордсменыгодочки57динамо M, DYNAMO K,ART Moi (%) NO M (spring)83,3 SPARTACUS May machino MAT Man machino M (spring)NOKMOTE Yet 74 balls (104-30)DYNAMO M 63 (81-18)SPARTACUS Men MET May scheda MAT And M (spring)SPARTAK M,Ana seriano Era seriano C-ART MUA pokazatelstva Result"Champions"Getresults"Champions"Gotochkina L-d, CU.DAWN L-d (spring)Tomenko (%) 11,4 LOCOMOTIVE M,tumenta machino L-d (spring)NOKMOTE None machint Met goals-59 (28-87)PETREL M-72 (17-89)Tumenas dog, URLAN,and Kmgy sciece St-Goa seriale L-DNA seriale-Alt Strasse RES-recordsmanagement-recordsrelease beat (championship)177*4th Championat th campionatul scored (%) 90,149 th Championat,210th campionatele scored (%)At 56.03 th Championat,86th championnats. the result (in %)73,11 th - 54 th campionati-9174,11-th-11-th campionati-the beat (team): in torneremo Tema Alania Campionato*SPARTACUS M-ALE-ale sability TB-CS-the beat (players): tornieria locomotive Tbej Apanel campionatului Dynamo TB-ANY Rotor-Molise scored: tornieria locomotive Tbej Apanel campionatore Neftchi B-ANY Rotor-99 ON Chernomorets Od-88 Without a miss podremos Neftchi B-ARZ Apanie-the beat (goalkeepers)ABELIA Dynamo TB torpedo CT-YOU Rostselmash, Jemchujina-Molise sability SKA P/D, Kairat-A-YOU Rostselmash, Jemchujina-Molise reflected in matchai Dynamo MAT Dynamo St KOTRIKADZE Dynamo Thin Alania LISITSYN Kairat And-A URALIC Chernomorets Od MILES locomotive M JURKOWSKI Dynamo K ROMANSKI Chernomorets Od VAC.VATS torpedo M ZHIDKOV Neftchi B in turnyrai CSAKY Ocean MILES locomotive M ZHIDKOV Neftchi B KLEIMENOV Rotor HAPOF Spartacus VL SIVUJA Metallurgist in 31991 chempionatov. VATS Shakhtar Donetsk, torpedo, CSKA, Neftchi B-HTL KAMAZ, Spartak M, Lokomotiv M, CSKA-so polerussia of pokazateli Russia РезультатРекордсменыГодРезультатрекордсменыгодочки32динамо Yet machino Men TO, the MINER Yea seriano M-ART M-96, non seriano TB-ART M-HIE pokazatelstva Result"Champions"Getresults"Champions"Kadochnikova M (spring)Tumannye matched St-Рґ195042ТЮМЕНЬ1998Поражения14НИСТру Kesha serialists Kesha serico-URL-wie polerussia pokazatelstva РезультатРекордсменыГодРезультатрекордсмены Occido Yet machino MNPT Men L-yea seriado-Noa serialu M-hadlee pokazatelstva Result"Champions"Getresults"Champions"Rodocker.DAWN L-d, DYNAMO L-d (spring)DINAMO-Gasoline machine Р‘195047ЖЕМЧУЖИНА1995Поражения18Динамо Chria seriada-NO-GAZOVIK-bezvyigryshnaja serine B-ALA SOVETOV-951. Points in all tables was calculated by a two-point system. Читать полностью -->

Fulham is not waiting at Stamford bridge

Fulham is not waiting at Stamford bridgePresident Chelsea Ken Bates said that Fulham will not be able to speak at the stadium "Stamford bridge next season, because due to excessive load may suffer a new lawn, for which the club Bates posted $ 2.3 million. According to him, the lawn, which now lies on the "Stamford bridge", capable of withstanding 25 games per season, but not 50.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

The Romania national team in the qualifying match of Euro 2004

The Romania national team in the qualifying match of Euro 2004Romania coach of the angels Iordanescu named the squad for the qualifying match of Euro 2004 qualifier against Denmark. Iordanescu announced the names of 16 players playing abroad. Before the match the team will be expanded to 6 players playing for Romanian clubs.Goalkeepers: Bogdan Of Lobont (Ajax, Netherlands), Bogdan Ceiling (Salamanca, Spain).Defenders: Cosmin Contra (Atletico Madrid, Spain), Cristian Chivu (Ajax), Gheorghe Popescu (Hannover 96, Germany), Julian Filipescu (Real Betis, Spain). Midfielders: Dorinel Munteanu (Wolfsburg, Germany), Denis Serban (Cordoba, Spain), Marius Maldarasanu (Besiktas, Turkey), Alin Stoica (Bruges, Belgium), Adrian Mutu (Parma, Italy), Florin Codrea (Palermo, Italy).Forwards: Adrian Mihalca (Genoa, Italy), Daniel Punk (Besiktas), Marius Niculae (Sporting, Portugal), Ionel Ganea (Stuttgart, Germany).. . . Читать полностью -->

Sychov: for Marcel is Milan?

Sychov: for Marcel is Milan?Italian newspaper Tuttosport suggests that in the case of Sychev, signed the agreement with Marseille, put only a comma, not a point. Specializing in the transfer transactions, the publication believes that in June the young forward may be in "Milan". In exchange, the Italians are ready to give the French another striker Jon Dahl Tomasson, who has no chance to gain a foothold in the starting lineup, "Milan", according to the newspaper.This Saturday, the publication looks as sensational, so, in my opinion, and quite plausible. Tuttosport newspaper that the dog ate in the transfer deals, its journalists are constantly monitoring all the players having any relation to the Italian clubs. And Dmitry Sychev got this year in the sphere of interests of two monsters Serie a - AC Milan and Lazio. So the focus of the person Sychev is understandable, especially in the last six months, his name consistently POPs up in the local press.Now - as for "Milan". Читать полностью -->

Asatiani has signed a contract with Loko

Asatiani has signed a contract with LokoYesterday the midfielder Kutaisi "torpedo" and the Olympic team of Georgia Malkhaz Asatiani (184 cm, 78 kg) signed a contract with the Moscow "Locomotive" for a period of three and a half years. 22-year-old liked the coaches Champions of Russia in the CIS Cup, and in early February I was invited to a training camp in Cocco, where he took part in one of the test matches.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

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