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National Team

The Turkish national team can lead the Romanians

The Turkish national team can lead the RomaniansNo way will the conflict between the coach of the national team of Turkey by Senol Courage and head of the national football Federation Holocom Uluses.Coach bronze medalist 2002 world Cup requires payment of the promised bonus in 372 thousand euros. The Federation agrees to pay only half the amount requested. Using the fact that Ulusoy not consider it necessary to hide his antipathy for the Courage, came on stage the President of Besiktas Serdar of Bilgili, said: "we have a person who can substitute for Courage, and you all know him". Candidate for the post of national coach was named none other than coach the same Besiktas coach Mircea Lucescu. Given that the club is headed by a Romanian man has a commanding lead in the national championship and continues to fight for UEFA Cup odds Lucescu to take the place of Courage, are large enough.. . Читать полностью -->

Tony Adams: Second breath of Liverpool

Tony Adams: Second breath of Liverpool? A few weeks ago it seemed that the advantage of "Arsenal" is undeniable and his pursuers will be very difficult to catch up with detached five points champion. However, in the next round, the gunners may lose their leadership."Manchester", beating Aston Villa albeit with a minimum score, but very confident, did not miss his chance to get closer to the leader, from which he now separates the two points. "The gunners" in the current situation the main thing ? do not lose confidence in yourself, otherwise defeat against Blackburn "may not be the last. For example not far to seek ? Chelsea, a month ago, defeating one opponent after another, suddenly lost the game, and with it the right to play in the Champions League. However, now Londoners him back, but hardly anyone will be able to vouch that wards Claudio Ranieri will be able to protect a coveted ticket to the main tournament of Europe from the attacks of the two Merseyside clubs are also in the League.I particularly want to highlight the recent successes of Liverpool ? "Red", winning the League Cup, seemed to have found a second wind and won the third game in a row, actively making up for lost time.Escalated the intrigue and the struggle for survival. If the "West Brom" and "Sunderland" hard and already seems hopelessly stuck at the bottom, it still remains unclear who will keep them company on the road to the first division. Читать полностью -->


FOOTBALL. TORPEDO-ZIL WILL BECOME A METALLURGISTThree players Celtic were today detained by the police. This happened after a photographer said about the loss of his camera during a Christmas party held by the Champions of Scotland in one of the Nightclubs. The names of the detainees have not yet announce.. . . Читать полностью -->

FIFA took the side of Wings

FIFA took the side of WingsToday, the dispute between Samara "Wings of the Soviets" and Kiev "Arsenal" about the compensation, which the Ukrainian club refused to pay for transfers Alexey Osipov and Andris Jokesa. The Russian side has appealed to FIFA, which has adopted a decision requiring "Arsenal" in a month to pay "Wings of the Soviets" for both players. The Kiev side insisted that they moved to the Ukraine with the status of free agents, but the truth was on the side of Volga. In a letter sent today from the Committee of the FIFA players ' status in the Russian football Union and the football Federation of Ukraine, noted that the international Federation has not seen his "inappropriate relationship" with the Russian club to Arsenal, nor to the actual players.. . . Читать полностью -->

Chievo will go to San Siro to win

Chievo will go to San Siro to winThe head coach of AC Chievo Verona Luigi Del Neri said that his team will be able to enter the four leaders of the championship of Italy, thereby gaining themselves a spot in the Champions League next season. Previously, Del Neri said that the sole purpose of Verona club was to avoid relegation to Serie b, but in recent years the demands 52-year-old coach has increased significantly.Sunday "Chievo" meets "Milan" at the stadium "San Siro", but Del Neri noticed that he is not afraid of meeting with the 16-time Champions Italy in their field demonstrates quite newpagetitle game lately."We're going to Milan to win. This season once again proved that no team should take anything for granted. Anyway, we easily prepare for the match against AC Milan, as the attitude of the guys are really fighting. Many would pay to play on "San Siro", but here we get paid, so we played in this stadium," said Del Neri.Few believed that the "Chievo" will be able to repeat what made the team last season, finishing in fifth place in the standings of the Italian championship and won a ticket to the UEFA Cup. However, victories over teams like inter, Milan and Roma have proven that the "Chievo" not just a miracle - opening Series, And intends to stay here for long.. Читать полностью -->

The coach of the Rangers for changing the format of the Scottish Premier League

The coach of the Rangers for changing the format of the Scottish Premier LeagueThe mentor of the Rangers ' Alex McLeish made for changing the format of the Scottish Premier League. According to the coach, you should increase the number of teams from 12 to 16, and following the results of two-round tournament with the top eight teams to play together two more times. McLeish has supported the coach "Celtic Manager Martin O'neill, who declared that his players had long been sick to meet the same rivals in 6-7 times per season.. . . . Читать полностью -->

The PSG President is sure that Ronaldinho will stay

The PSG President is sure that Ronaldinho will stayThe PSG President Laurent Purple stated that he is confident of signing a world champion Ronaldinho new contract with his club. Earlier it was reported numerous differences between the 22-year-old Brazilian and the club's coach Luis Fernandez. However, the club President said Le Parisien: "We have spoken with the player. He said he was absolutely satisfied with everything. I am sure that we will sign a new contract".. . Читать полностью -->

George Bazaev: Beat Spartak in Moscow - it is a double honour

George Bazaev: Beat Spartak in Moscow - it is a double honourAfter defeating Spartak Moscow Bazaev-senior first went to meet his brother - in Ramenskoye. On the way there, the correspondent "SE" and found him on the mobile.- The last time Vladikavkaz won in Moscow at the Spartak players nearly eight years ago - in may ' 95. At the end of the season "Spartak-Alania" won the gold medal. In this regard, don't you think it is symptomatic of Sunday success on East street?- Battle with wards of Oleg Romantseva for our team always was special. "Spartacus" is "Spartacus". To win multiple champion honorable, and in the capital - an honour twice.- But in "Spartak" now a lot of newcomers. Читать полностью -->

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