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Evgeny Aldonin: Stop being boys, budding

Evgeny Aldonin: Stop being boys, buddingThe news that "SE" relates to the number of players who can become the best in the championship of Russia 2003, caused the midfielder Rotor smile:- Very nice to hear such. Thanks, I'll try to justify the confidence.- Who else, in your opinion, aspires to become the best in the new season?- Such players a lot, and everyone will make every effort in their work to gain recognition, but not for personal achievements. They are for every player in the background. The main thing is the team result. But actually to determine the best players statistics and experts. To discuss this topic at the beginning of the season - it altogether ungrateful. The championship will show.- And yet, who defines today their teams play?- In "The Locomotive" - Loskov, Ovchinnikov. CSKA - Semak, Gusev. In "Spartak" now it is difficult to single out anyone - the situation for red and white at the moment is quite difficult. Wish the best to my former team-mate Roman Pavlyuchenko. Let trying!- If you go back to your previous thoughts, that the main thing in football is the team result, not argue. But there is such a thing as ambition. Without him in the sport anywhere... of Course, everyone is nice when it is extracted and recognized. But imagine this situation. The team won, and "SE" put the leaders of the low estimates. I am sure that long time players to grieve about the low scores. After all, if there is a result - then everything worked fine. As for ambition - Yes, I can be considered ambitious man. Don't want to stop there.- Recently you yourself modestly named porter pianos.- The role of a defensive midfielder obliges. For excessive improvisation on this position and on the bench to be! But by and large it does not make sense to divide - that performs the dirty work, and that deals with high creativity. After all, one must not only faithfully perform their duties, but to do it under the command of action. Because football is not tennis.- Aldonin now and Aldonin year ago - different people?- What was achieved last season (in particular, the national team of Russia), imposes additional responsibility. Understand that the demand will now be special. I matured and it's not just that the number of years increased by one year. I'm not a budding young man to whom something can say goodbye. Do not fear the so-called second season syndrome? Not the second season in General, and in the rank of the stars?- Firstly, don't feel like a star. Secondly, try not to think about what this season is the first, second, third... In my opinion, far better to concentrate on the upcoming match. But in football no one is immune. If the attackers never made any mistakes, the score would be 1:0 or 2:0, and 101:80. Conversely, if never erred defenders - on the scoreboard would constantly burn zeros. But, of course, you need to strive to ensure that errors are as small as possible.- In your opinion, how will the new season for "Rotor" and for you?- The most important thing is to always go forward. If we place higher than last season, even one step, then that is progress. Therefore, as the whole team, and myself personally would have wished for in the first place not to stop growth and not lose motivation.- And what will happen in 2003 the Russian national team?- We'll see. Waiting for games to look forward to. But I do not believe that we have achieved a permanent place in the main team of the country. It is, in my opinion, not in a book no one ever. The doors of the team are open to all. But to enter them you have to constantly prove and coaches, and themselves that they are worthy.- And finally, let's not work-related. If you have time to make repairs in a new apartment, which recently received?- What is there! Only recently got to her, looked at the mess... I Hope that at least a month and three or four will celebrate the housewarming.- And the second "Sagittarius" parents in Yalta was taken as planned?- And before hands until it arrived - once. The players, like a Gypsy camp: here today, gone tomorrow... But soon, very soon "Sagittarius" get to mom and dad.- What is the "Best defensive midfielder" or "Hope of the season"?- The statues are the same. Going to do engraving on them. And what exactly will get the parents haven't decided yet.Dina St. George.


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