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Alaves - Real Madrid. Match report

Alaves - Real Madrid. Match reportThe capital's "real" for no apparent trouble gained three points, beating out "Mallorca" with a score of 5-1. The position of owners, no one would have envied; after the defeat from "Deportivo" (0-6), no emotional respite is not provided, and the "real" chasing team from San Sebastian was firmly set.The match in Vitoria took place in the pouring rain and very bad wind. In the first ten minutes the hosts were very active and had 50 seconds Raul Navarro could have long-range shot to open the scoring. Were at the height of Casillas. Both teams tried to attack the flanks, but if the "real" entrusted to complete their combinations Ronaldo, "Alaves" 've chosen to use the entire front line, playing the long ball at the approaches to the penalty area of Madrid. Gradually, the game has leveled off, and it seemed that the crackdown on "real Madrid will take some time. But on 12 minutes, Ronaldo Finta won the position defender "alavesa" and struck into the far corner. The ball slipped under the hands of Dutruel and was in the grid. After the goal pattern in the match has not changed. Ronaldo again had several chances to hit the target, but the ball after it strikes was not even on target. In the 37th minute, the mesh is again stirred behind Dutruel. After the corner, in the confusion, the ball was Raoul, and he, literally, with a meter, hit the empty net.The second half began slowly. Both teams clearly slowed in speed, and continued in the same vein. Played out Ronaldo, who gave the attack a "creamy" sharpness. He was on the 67th minute, scored his second goal in this match. In the blink of an eye, the Brazilian left his guardian Abelardo and put a leather sphere between her legs Dutruel. After 9 minutes "Alaves" pulled one goal back. The Uruguayan Ivan Alonso jumped up after the kick and sent the ball into the top right corner of the goal. However, Ronaldo did not agree with this situation, and in the 78th minute, again eluding defenders of owners have restored the status quo.Beating "alavesa" completed Raul in the 82nd minute. Guti beating a defender on the edge of the penalty area and laid the ball on a silver platter, Raul and captain of real Madrid is not missed..


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