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The Championship Of Italy. Gil offended Geppetto

The Championship Of Italy. Gil offended GeppettoA popular weekly magazine "Panorama" has created a chart that explains what is happening today in the Italian football. Journalists are far from sports publications amounted to a curious list of 500 people. It includes those who last year filed the most reputable tax return for 2000. It was found that 80 of the 500 richest people in Italy - the players.The numbers agree, is impressive. Even if we consider that given in the table amount should be divided approximately in half to see the real earnings of a player, the fact it does not change anything: the clubs have to establish a budget not net salary and gross salary. The fact that Fiorentina have lost in the series, "Lazio" for sale, after the analysis of the table should not surprise anyone.Lost the sense of reality the presidents Vittorio alter ego Gori and Sergio Cragnotti, which were not such financial blocks, as for AC Milan, inter and Juventus, paid dearly for their recklessness. Of course, financial failures-Fatal Gori, Cragnotti caused not only exorbitantly high salaries of players, but believe me, they have become almost the main causes of these disasters.Italians believe that the year 2000 was successful enough for the country in economic terms. From this we can conclude that many of the players in the "list of 500" is not only maintained, but also increased their earnings. Picking up players and high wages, the leaders of the Italian clubs are faced with the fact that the expenses greatly exceed revenues. Solid contracts with television has long been "eaten", and incompetent performance in Europe a lot of money to the leading clubs to no avail. In addition, the transfer prices of players has exceeded all reasonable limits.In the "View" list draws the attention of curious detail. In Italy, the players are paid more than their coaches, all have been used. But now it appears that players earn more or at the level of their presidents! If we leave aside businessman Marco Tronchetti'il, which invests in "inter" huge amounts of money, but not the President, and one of the owners of Juventus Agnelli, the other club leaders are likened to the stars of Calcio. Silvio Berlusconi went to all the AC Milan players, but lost to Del Piero, Ronaldo and Batistuta. The President of Juventus Vittorio Chiusano was only at 160, and 161-m is that Massimo Moratti, who has put in the years in "inter" is not one condition: both inferior in income is not one or two, but three plus dozens of players!The situation had become so absurd that the lovers players in the presidents inter and Lazio have thought that entered his captains in administrative boards. And Ronaldo, Nesta, remaining players are not of retirement age, while included, even formally, to the governing bodies.The presidents of the richest clubs, succumbed to the attacks of the players and their agents who came for a salary increase after each season, has produced the situation out of control. Look at how many in the list, for example, provincial players, "Parma". Wealthy family Tanzi won with the team a few Cups and in Europe, and in Italy, but was not able to take the scudetto. Keep as much Gil as one team became impossible, so in today's "Parma" there are practically none of them, including now vegetating in "Verona" good coach Alberto Malesani.Of course, to the table in the "Panorama" should be approached with a grain of salt. Italy is not among the transparent assessment of countries, but because many entrepreneurs and in the list of most really need to take a step. Not on the list and representatives "of Formula 1, Motorsport and tennis, which prefer to pay taxes in Monte Carlo. It is clear that, say, Michael Schumacher would stand at the sports list above Del Piero, but it's not about that. The fact that the process of turning hundreds of players in And out of the mere mortals in millionaires gained such momentum that the Calcio have to pay for it.Now the League President Adriano Galliani, he is also Vice President of "Milan", at least once a week talking about the need to reduce the salaries of the players. Only recently, he personally did the opposite. Going at the time on about the players, it will be very difficult to get them today to review the conditions to the downside.Probably, it is necessary to say a few words about those who topped the list of the richest people in Italy. First place by a huge margin secured mentioned in connection with inter, Marco Tronchetti provera with declared income of 267 668 984,18 euros. Second place went to Giorgio Armani, the famous stylist and great friend Andriy Shevchenko 167 069 406,13 euros. The last of the three "winners" the king on the sale of upholstered furniture Pasquale Natuzzi - 67 924 077,74 euros.Here are some more famous Russian names. Donatella Versace on a shared 7th place, Giovanni Agnelli, whose name is connected with Juventus since time immemorial, - 11-m At 47th place was actor Leonardo DiCaprio, who spent in 2000 a lot of time in Rome, where he starred in the film "Gangs of new York". In 289th place and in good company the great tenor Luciano Pavarotti - it is located between the goalkeeper Paluki and defender Aldara.P.S. Leading economic newspaper of the Italian newspaper II Sole 24 ore has published the other day some figures regarding the crisis in Italian football. It turned out in particular that the outgoing 2002 brought the Calcio losses to 948 million euros, which is almost one and a half times more than the previous year when they amounted to 677 million. Although total turnover of clubs increased from 1009 billion to 1063, salaries of players has increased this year by 16 percent, which eats about 85 (!) percent of the revenues of the clubs! Bringing it to absurdity, the presidents of the clubs have put themselves in a difficult position. In the role of one of the first revolutionaries were "Parma". If in the 2000/01 season the club managed to spend the salary amount, 10 percent more than the total income (absolute record series A), today Tanzi family focuses on cost savings. This path will have to go and the majority of other teams.Grockles*Income**500***Alessandro DEL Peruvianus 929 502,And 811 280,9721 Gabriel Basistationen 742 262,7022 Silvio Berlusconian 633 739,1024 Christian Varianter 500 279,4034 Paolo Multinomial 521 775,3741 Filippo Indigionous 034 187,3848 Lillian Turanalme 780 146,3649 Enrico Cesarienne 662 775,3450 Paolo Montereyensis 552 778,2851 Sebastian Veronezi 468 744,5853 Manuel RUI Castefiorentino 379 685,1758 Marcelo Salakati 245 606,7663 Roberto Mancinelli 153 982,1464 Alessandro Natalizio 059 000,0465 Marcello Libpointer 052 373,8967 Hernan Kraspharma 844 888,3775 Oliver Birkhoffian 712 379,4778 Hidetoshi Nakatomi 398 748,6283 chiro Ferrarius 384 723,2086 Francesco Toterhome 353 057,1789 Andrew Savchenkolera 349 483,2890 Marcio Lorazepam 342 860,7692 Gianluigi Buffoonary 246 215,6695 Sinisa Mihailovici 219 746,2197 Vincenzo Monteleone 144 725,17102 Alberto Jackenarmeln 117 802,27104 Zvonimir Babymilo 083 902,55106 Demetrio Albertinia 875 662,49115 Javier Zanettini 829 470,58118 Antonio Contiwinter 659 002,48139 Angelo Perucchini 577 712,30140 Roberto Sensimilla 489 531,42149 Vincent Candelaria 450 837,43153 Roberto Bedliner 413 086,50157 Marco Delvecchio 411 619,25158 Vittorio Cutaneous 389 479,26160 Massimo Marttiini 371 026,25161 Luigi DI Bagouter 340 462,33164 Alessandro Costacurta 334 633,08167 Fabio Gannavaram 270 002,12175 Francesco Holidayrental 245 424,97176 Diego Funerary 096 057,88186 Giuseppe Pascarella 029 220,61192 Paolo Negroli 024 102,01193 Gianluca Pessottino 985 392,02196 Giuseppe Paulilatino 957 924,77200 Fernando Cotulla 917 613,76205 mark Ulianovets 846 290,03214 Christian Panaccione 815 023,21217 Ivan Samarakone 806 469,14218 Alessio Machinations 795 274,42220 Massimo Ambrosiella 778 812,36224 Luigi Sardarpura 765 668,01225 Alain Bogstandard 700 936,85238 Michele Saranapala 682 230,27242 Dino Bagofarm 676 408,77245 Simone Inzerillo 629 963,28251 Moreno Trichloroethene 606 457,26256 Giuseppe Singaravelan 573 427,78263 Gianluca Jambaljamts 568 290,tin 508 067,57271 Gianluca Polycarboante 444 620,Arm 379 112,93292 Ivan Kardamaina 316 073,69308 Antonio Banaripara 290 096,42315 Francesco Morenoites 193 714,20338 Gennaro Hattusilis 184 458,26341 Luke MARCEGAGLIA 178 721,98344 Gianluigi Antinicotine 159 711,20347 Christian Abbatiello 093 012,85359 Sandro Misfortune 074 350,68364 Carlo Ancelottis 054 987,68371 Fabio Capillorum 013 880,81382 Alberto Multinary 004 426,55387 Thomas Helwegen 997 758,06390 Stefano Erisipela 969 821,87402 Sebastiano Rossinian 965 348,84403 Abel Albufereta 925 516,59415 Fabrizio Ravanelli 908 207,53422 Marco Balotelli 892 480,39430 Fabio Galantamine 886 531,32434 Pasquale Podalyriifolia 871 502,42441 Giovanni Trattenimenti 850 446,Are 845 507,60449 Massimo Tibirica 817 053,92462 Pierluigi Arundinicola 802 832,25467 Nikola Narutopedia 763 912,06480 Luigi Calamian 754 013,13485* clubs are as of January 2000.** - total taxable income for 2000 includes a side income.*** - place among the 500 richest people in Italy who had paid taxes in the country.George KUDINOV.


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