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The Championship Of Russia. Legionnaires

The Championship Of Russia. LegionnairesIn the first round of the championship of Russia-2001 field were 19 foreigners. Now - 57. Exactly triple. In applications for season-2002 featured 49 foreign players from 13 countries. Now in applications for the first round matches (and how many did not hit the number 18?!) was listed 70 representatives of 23 States. From Sweden to Malawi, from Costa Rica to Italy, from South Africa to Uruguay.It is easy to calculate the percentage of foreigners among left on the field, and among the declared matches. 57 of 70 of 224 and 288 respectively. And there and there with a small error - quarter. But... mark TWAIN once said: sometimes a lie, big lie and statistics. We have reliable figures can be adapted to any thesis, the most polar. The same conclusion has come and your correspondent, analyzing the influence of foreigners in the first round.This paragraph is for football "cosmopolitan." Czech Jiri Jarosik from CSKA scored two amazing goals "ruby". Exotic Spartak goalkeeper Bugs - from the Morocco - defended dry the match with "torpedo-the Metallurgist". On account of the "Vikings" four touchdown passes: they did the Czechs Shirl from "Zenith" and Kucharz from "Shinnik" and the South African Zwane from "Rostov" and the Serb side from "Uralan". Finally, six (!) of the 11 seats in the symbolic team of the tour version of the "SE" was taken by the aliens: the same Jarosik and Svane and Italian "calmac" Dal Canto, red-white Senegalese Kebe, Brazilian Samarco Souza and the only senior Bosnian army rahimić. Is all of this is not a performance jump as foreign "ore"?Now - the argument for supporters of football "national idea". Of the 57 who played the Legionnaires scored only one Jarosik. While forwards from abroad had half a dozen, not to mention an attacking midfielder.Maybe not in nationality matter? But how long and carefully the club were tracking the player, how much you paid for it and comfortable Lee made his adaptation? CSKA and "Wings", which had to strengthen a particular position, chose to pay more than three million for one player. And "Saturn", "Dynamo" and Uralan intended to raise the General level of composition - and took whole squads of aliens. Maybe not stellar, but it is quite sturdy. As guard of Africans who came to Rostov, on the recommendation of perfectly knowing the market of Victor Bondarenko, and Chekov in "Zenith" Vlastimil Petrzhela. Well, different goals - different means. Importantly, in their application was not chaos - listed in clubs(some doubt still is only "the Dynamo"), it seems, reigns the mind.The most mysterious in this sense, the team "Rubin". On the one hand, the budget Kazantsev able to secure the purchase of the international class players such as Nowotny and Sibaya. On the other hand, there play the "beach" instances such as the Brazilian Calisto. Looking at the difference in the class of players of the same team, I Cech with the South African did it became. They would place in the leading clubs, and they, it seems, will have to drag the ungrateful who struggle for survival.The flywheel is the large-scale experiment with foreigners in the history of our football spins on the eyes. The session will last, probably, two years, until in 2005 the Premier League does not limit the number of foreign players. So, there is a time to realize whether they are in such numbers.Igor RABINER.


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