Carlo Ancelotti: We have become pragmatic

Carlo Ancelotti: We have become pragmaticThe head coach of "Milan" Carlo Ancelotti said that the meeting with the Russian Champions managed in terms of rhythm. "The first half was ours, but after the break, the opponent played better," said Ancelotti. - We are glad that overcame early group stage, but prepare for a hard struggle in the Champions League, because in the quarterfinals weak opponents will not. I agree that the style of Milan has recently changed in favour of pragmatism, especially for away matches, as the team began to pay more attention to defense. This and Podravska level teams of competitors due to our low productivity. Wouldn't someone be singled out on the previous match. For example, I liked how competently acted our line of defense, and Lokomotiv showed good teamwork in the second half. It's difficult to say who we would not want to meet in the final if we'll certainly get there. We can get and the Italian team. All competitors - not a gift"..

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