Del Bosque: We were lucky

Del Bosque: We were luckySemin thanked buildcontent "Locomotive" Yury Semin after the match, thanking fans for their support during all games of the Champions League.? I want to emphasize that "the locomotive" in the current edition were worthy ? said Semin. ? We played with the best teams in Europe: somewhere better, somewhere worse. The players thank the fans for the support, though, something to hide, the result of the second stage did not suit us. Nevertheless, we have gained invaluable experience, especially in the second part of the competition.? What did your team for a more successful performance?? The main conclusion is that a strong European teams are punished for the slightest error. Look how he played in Moscow: Borussia had two points ? two goals, "Milan" ? one moment ? goal, real Madrid ? one moment ? goal. In other words, before the next part in the Champions League we have something to think about. We will make the right conclusions from their own mistakes.Zidane broke Evseev gaboose game face Vadim Evseev was decorated with a large patch ? the consequence of a collision with the leader of the "real" Zinedine Zidane.? In one of the riding duels I jumped on the ball and hit his face on the head of Zidane ? said Yevseyev. ? As a result injured his lip with internal and external parties. Our doctors had to use the patch, but any unusual sensations I had. You could say it had no impact on my performance.? The victory of real Madrid in the match was well deserved?? On the one hand, they used their only chance ? it's not cool figure great teams. On the other hand, we dictated the "real" their game. Defeat under such conditions, very disappointing for us.? So what is not allowed to defeat Royal club?? Alas, there was poor implementation of scoring chances. We fought on equal terms with your opponent in the center of the field and sometimes at the expense of good passes and created danger in front of the goal Casillas. However, at the last minute when Cesar had to score, the tide has turned against us.? That said Semin before the game?? Asked us how to tune into the last match in the Champions League this season. Said that the fans will not leave us, and perhaps will gather the whole stadium. In a word, asked me to play for them.? How your mentor was pleased with what he saw?? He said: "I was not ashamed to watch you". And, of course, thanked them for the game.? And realize that you played against soccer superstar?? Of course, I saw inscriptions on t-shirts ? Zidane, Figo, Ronaldo. But during the game we didn't think about that side by side with me runs a player worth tens of millions of dollars. My task was simply to take the ball away, although I have to admit, which was not always.Marat doesn't want to real Madrid Midfielder "Locomotive" Marat Izmailov showed themselves from the best side ? constantly aggravated game and was not afraid to make unconventional decisions.? To reproach himself or partners in defeat can't. The guys fought to the last, and given the fact that it was the third game in six days, the football played a "Locomotive" was more than decent. But the class here is "real", it is a fact.? The Champions League for Lokomotiv finished. We can summarize.? We have gained invaluable experience and in the next League will try to pass on.? Many people have noticed that you repeatedly tore the applause del Bosque. What if soon receive an offer from real Madrid?? (Smiling) Well, you went too far! Even if such a proposal might probably give up. I need to play in Lokomotiv ? build strength, skill. By probably thought we were not inferior to "the real". But, believe me, the difference in class is too great. We are falling behind in almost everything.Del Bosque called "Loco" is a difficult copernicanischen "real" Vicente del Bosque could not fail to note the importance of the victory, which allowed his team to advance from the group:? Climatic conditions and the poor condition of the field added to the problems in our game ? said del Bosque. ? But we were lucky. We managed to score. We had to pass the next round, and we managed to achieve this goal. This victory is especially important, given that we faced a very difficult opponent, who managed to take points away in the first leg in Madrid.? What is your priority ? victory in the Champions League or the Spanish League?? We fight for both titles, and despite the fact that the opponents are strong, in both tournaments we will play to win. The cast of "real" gives hope for a successful performance in all competitions, where teams participate.? It seems that real Madrid plays at home is much brighter than on the fields of the contender?? I don't see much difference in performances at the Santiago Bernabeu or at the stadiums of other teams. Even now, let us and failed to show up to their capabilities, we have achieved victory. And this ? the most important thing.Raul noted Loskov and Makelele ? Smilasaponin "real" Claude Makelele was not to let the compliments addressed to "Locomotive", but praised the seven railroad Marat Izmailov.? Russian team in a lower class, ? said Makelele. ? So the outcome for me was obvious. But the stars in the "Locomotive" is. Can't you name any names, but the seventh issue of "Locomotive" (Izmailov ? approx.) looked pretty damn good.? You didn't confuse the quality of the field?? It was bumpy, but matching the game interfered with lightly."It was a difficult match ? said in turn, the Madrid captain Raul. ? Russians constantly tried to put pressure and had several good scoring chances in the first and in the second half. Thank God, we managed to score in the first half. I think the author of the goal, Ronaldo became the main hero of the match".? Someone can select from the players of "Locomotive"?? I think they all played at a good level, have proven to be professional athletes and wrestlers. Can highlight Loskov and Maminov. These two Midfielders stuck with me more than others.? With what team you would prefer to meet in the finals?? I do not care. At this stage there are no weak opponents..


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