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Real Madrid - Borussia: direct speech

Real Madrid - Borussia: direct speechThe head coach of real Madrid, Vicente Del Bosque expressed satisfaction with his team's win over Borussia Dortmund. He did not attach much importance glories of the coach of the German team Matthias Sammer about unfair judging: "judge's Actions did not especially affect the progress and outcome of the match. We managed to get 3 points, however, physically the team needed to go all out. Protection has not caused any problems in his address. However, we've created enough decent chances in front of goal and therefore we can safely say that this victory is quite natural," said Del Bosque.In turn, the Brazilian striker "Royal club" Ronaldo, who at this meeting was the author of the second goal against Dortmund," said that lady luck was on his side: "During the counter-attack Zidane quickly made his way down the right flank and gave me a transfer. In front of me was a defender, but I still managed to break through on goal. The blow has not turned out as good, but still I was lucky, and the ball flew into the net"."Nibbler also noted that Dortmund played well, and his team, this victory did not come easy. And so next week in the return match again against Borussia "cream" will be hard, however despite this, as said Brazilian forward, his team will do everything to win and to get a little closer to the exit in the quarter-finals of the most prestigious club tournament of Europe.From its part the head coach of Borussia Dortmund's Matthias Sammer was unhappy with the refereeing of this match. In his opinion, both goals were scored by real Madrid in violation of the rules. And despite this, he did not put the blame for his team's defeat on the referee: "the Referee did not accept any of the blame for our defeat, we are to blame, but some of the judge's actions, I still can't understand. The arbitrator has not been committed a lot of fouls against Collier. Once Salgado played a hand in his own penalty area".According to Sammer, this meeting turned out to be quite interesting: "We tried to play aggressive, and we had good opportunities to score. However, I think it's natural that real Madrid had a slight advantage, because as you say, and he was playing on his field. We tried to resist his pressure, however, an error on our part caused that to break the team went with the score 1-1. Then in the second half we played again, aggressive and had good opportunities to score. In particular, could be different Everton and Amoroso. However, at one point we passed the nerves, and Madrid were able to take advantage of this".Sammer said that the second goal was important for "real": "After we scored the Merengues started to rebuild his game and already tried to play defensively".Sammer never ceases to leave the feeling that his team could not lose this match: "We have never had so easy to play at the Santiago Bernabeu, but we must forget about our defeat and start preparing already for the next championship match Германии"


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