Francesco Totti: I will be ruthless to those who will harm me. I'm going to be brutal

Francesco Totti: I will be ruthless to those who will harm me. I'm going to be brutal"Pretty much I was patient and was a good boy, now just try to hurt me, and I'll show you", - this is the warning started his press conference the captain of the capital club as Roma and Italy striker, where he was recently called again, the idol of tens of thousands "of tiffosi" Francesco Totti. Attention from the press, spells comrades according to the team, constant accusations and rumors in his address after the 2002 world Cup, in which Totti was, allegedly, become a national hero of Italy, had its effect, and the nerves of the player this time could not resist."I am a good person inside and I stay this way forever. But now I will be ruthless to those who will harm me. I'm going to be brutal," said Totti.The last point in a series of accusations against the captain of the "blood-red" was the fact that Totti was accused that he pretended to be sick to not participate in the matches of the national team in Italy this season."I returned to the team after a long time, and feel like a newcomer here. Now I want to leave behind all the misunderstandings and omissions, and not only his bitter experience at the world Cup 2002 in Japan and South Korea. They say that I deliberately pretended to be sick and injured, not to play for the national team. However, my bad season for as Roma says a very different picture. That was all true, and everyone knows about it. Who could say? No, not just journalists. The list is long, it is impossible now all count. I've talked with almost everyone with whom I had to figure out their relationship," said the player.The explicit allusion was made to his team-mate, now captain, Fabio Cannavaro, who allowed herself to some public remarks about Totti after the 2002 world Cup, and members of the staff of the football club "Roma", which, according to Francesco, put him in an unflattering light in front of the main coach Giovanni Trapattoni. After the last friendly match against Portugal Totti invited to dinner Trapattoni, and found where my relationship with him."Of course, I laugh all the stories on my account. I laughed, but I was hurt, as if someone intentionally hurt me. Everything is different: I'm always drawn to the national team. I know that I am an important player for the team and for Roma, and I always felt responsible. I know who's spreading these rumors about me, and then I'll be more strict with people," said the footballer.Once Totti spoke about his beloved Roma: "I will remain here, even if Roma will play in the Series. It now appears that this view is a little shaken."The strengthening of the squad for the next season? This was already said Capello three weeks ago, four high-profile players will be enough. I think that the club will have them. If the coach will leave, everything will change. I think Capello will remain, but we, the players, always find out about it in the end. What I would do, if in the "Roma" will change the coach? Years left on my contract expires in 2006, then if the management decides to sell me, then that's their business," said the captain of the club of Rome.Returning to the national team Affairs, Francesco Totti hastened to note: "I tried a new playbook paired with Vieri, which I partially know, as in "Romeo and Juliet I also play as a second striker. We realize that in three qualifying matches we have only one win, but I don't want to, God forbid, a negative outcome influenced the fate of Trapattoni in the team. He is a wonderful person and a great coach."And at the end of the press conference Totti couldn't touch the hot, and in direct and figurative sense of the word, themes - the war in Iraq."We have long hoped that this war would be over before it begins. But, alas, it started, and we all worry and seeing what happens. The situation here in the national team because this is not of the best," concluded Totti..

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