Baier: when the jubilee inappropriately

Baier: when the jubilee inappropriatelyIn other circumstances, one hundredth game of Bayer Leverkusen in UEFA club competition would be properly furnished, and the opponent for this year's anniversary: the Spanish "Barcelona". But the second group stage of the UEFA Champions League for "aspirin" fighting for survival in the League like a stone around my neck."The match in the Catalan capital was very inappropriate, " he said before flying to Barcelona coach Vice German champion Thomas Gerster - it takes two days of preparation before the match of the round in the Bundesliga with VfL Wolfsburg.He was echoed by the Manager of a factory club Rainer Calmund. "Of course, we're going to Barcelona not to sing songs and eat, but anyone who thinks we can make a pleasant surprise, in the clouds, "said Calmund, in Barcelona we win nothing". Recall that for two rounds before the end of the second group stage of the UEFA Champions League in the asset finalist for the most prestigious club competition last year, no points..


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