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Fan of Manchester United has assembled a collection of $1 million

Fan of Manchester United has assembled a collection of $1 millionFans of football club "Manchester United" has gathered a unique collection of t-shirts, programs and commemorative badges and medals. According to the London San, cost of collection, which is 50-year-old ray Adler was collected 20 years, is estimated at $1 million Twenty years he collected t-shirts "United" in different years, applets games, badges, tokens and medals. The collection eventually grew so that the Adler, a resident of Trafford, a suburb of Manchester, had to build an extension to his home.The main value of the collection is a rare program from the match against Manchester United Argentine Estudiantes in the club world championship in 1968. It is estimated in $12 thousand. Is it a letter to father George best, where best-senior speaks about his 17-year-old son as "the football player, budding"..


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