Franz Beckenbauer came to the conclusion that human development has gone in the wrong direction

Franz Beckenbauer came to the conclusion that human development has gone in the wrong directionHis thoughts about football and astrology, war and peace is divided, the President of Bayern Munich, the reigning world champion as a player (1974) and coach (1990) Franz Beckenbauer in an interview to a popular weekly newspaper "Welt am Sonntag".Question: Mr. Beckenbauer, the successful performance of Bayern this season marred by scandal over a secret contract with the bankrupt media giant "Kirch-Gruppe".Answer: the Whole story, certainly hurts the image of the "Bavaria". Obviously, we had to inform the public about our contract with Mr. another Kirkham.Question: After the transformation of FC Bayern in the joint stock company You have somewhat retired from the team. On the first cast now Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and Uli Hoeness.Answer: I demanded cadre restructuring of our club. A company with an annual turnover of 130-140 million euros cannot be guided by the honorary President. Over time, people change. Earlier, while sitting in the audience, I violently expressed their delight or chagrin of the actions of players on the field. But now I'm not so much fixated on the "Bavaria". For me the highlight is the world championship of 2006. Question: Football is not the only reality of our days. The world froze in anticipation of war with Iraq.Answer: I think that in the world there is no man who wanted war. Saddam Hussein is a danger to the region. I was in the middle East, people live there in a state of constant fear for their lives. But I think that the leader of Iraq will make concessions. I think it's better to spend more time on the peaceful disarmament Hussein than to fight a war. Question: are You Afraid of the threats bin Laden?Answer: In my opinion, anyone who uses air travel, with some concern sits today on the plane. No one knows who will be the next target of the terrorists. But I have no fear. With him it is impossible to live. But bin Laden and al-Qaida at the time funded to fight the Russians, and now the direction of their attacks has changed dramatically. Everything is so messed up. It seemed that ever since man came down from the tree to the ground, he became more civilized. But now I have sometimes thought that the development of man went the wrong way, he learned nothing. Moreover, with the modernization of weapons he became even more dangerous. But because the land has enough space for the lives of six billion people.Question: Before taking important decisions You have often asked the help of astrologers.Answer: Yes, once I've paid much attention to astrology. I ordered monthly and yearly horoscopes. Before contract I always consulted with astrologers. But now, unfortunately, I do not reach it. I put the books that makes me very sad. My head is spinning from leaning on me Affairs.Question: Your mother will soon turn 90. How much would You like to live in this world and who would You like to be in the next life?Answer: a Matter of life and death it's not us. Everything is in the hands of the Almighty. And if it is possible to be born again, I would again like to be Franz Beckenbauer..

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