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National Team

Owen: Milan - the main rival of real Madrid and Manchester United

Owen: Milan - the main rival of real Madrid and Manchester UnitedMichael Owen said that although not going so far to leave Liverpool, but does not deny the possibility of transfer to another club in the future. In an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport, he said the following: "At the moment I'm happy with my club, but never say never." Striker believes Milan are one of the contenders to win the Champions League: "I don't think real Madrid will win the Champions League, but the winner of the quarter-finals real Madrid-Manchester United can definitely be considered the favorite of the tournament. The only team that can compete with them - "Milan". The Italians will be great if will be able to return in the same form that in the beginning of the season. And, of course, one can not discount the "inter" with Christian Vieri headed. He is one of my favorites, but in Italy there are still two players who I think are the best: Gigi Buffon is in goal and Sandro Nesta in defence..


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