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Pirlo and šimić say about the victory in Moscow

Pirlo and šimić say about the victory in MoscowMidfielder "Milan" Andrea Pirlo said that the main goal in the match with Lokomotiv his team coped: "it is Important that we scored a goal, and it was enough to win," said Pirlo. Three of the acquired points has considerably simplified the task of qualifying from the group. To do this we had to find different solutions to overcome the tight defensive line Russian. Repeated success in Moscow guarantees us a place in the quarter-finals of the Champions League".Defender Dario šimić, released at the end of the match on a replacement instead of Christian Brokk, also noted the success of his team in terms of achieving the main goal: "We strengthened our position in the League and feel calm with 9 points after 3 matches," said Simic. - Victory in Moscow will give us the opportunity to focus on the cases "a" series. I knew that we would have to face serious resistance from the "Locomotive", because the Russians know how cool defend and counterattack"..


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