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National Team

Valencia - Atletico Madrid: after the match

Valencia - Atletico Madrid: after the matchHead coach of Madrid "Atletico" Luis Aragones said on Saturday after their team's victory in the away match against Valencia that in this meeting the best man won."Today the best team won. In the role of best team was Atletico, however, to its credit, "Valencia" I must admit that this is an exceptional team. However, she lost to the team that is progressing every day," said aragonГ©s. "In the first half, the advantage was on the side of our team, and we attacked. Therefore, in the second half, our players looked a little tired. In General we can say that Atletico played well, and this victory may prove to be the impetus for further victories," said the coach of the club of Madrid.As head coach of Valenciennes Rafa Benitez, he is not inclined to sprinkle ashes on the head because of his team's defeat. Its so not worried about the defeat, as his team failed to seize the advantage at halftime. According to Benitez, the first half is absolutely not like him.He stated that his team must do everything possible to compete for first place in the championship of Spain. "We have both advantages and disadvantages that can not be liquidated for an instant. Our problem does not involve selecting players. Simply, we need to be more confident in their own forces," said Benitez."Valencia was already beginning to prepare for the upcoming Champions League match against Dutch "the Ajax". As you know, this meeting will be very important in the light of further alignment of forces in group B."We need to raise both physical and morale of the players to play well in this match," said Benitez..


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