Chelsea new form

Chelsea new formFirm Umbro, don't waste time, presented the main form in which Chelsea will play in 2003-2005.The uniqueness of the new sets is that the t-shirt is double sided, like the away form of the team of England. On the reverse side of form Chelsea is a trendy non-fiction t-shirt with the club logo, which the fan can carry everywhere. Chelsea became the first club team, which has released a bilateral t-shirts. On the website club shop Chelsea now you can order a new form, which will be delivered to customers on the 1st of may, prechtl at lower prices than in previous years. And eleven of the lucky ones who ordered form now, will be able to take photos with the team on the day of receipt of the kit in the sale.Design the new look Chelsea has developed an exclusive and in strict confidence, because Chelsea is one of the most valuable customers Umbro and the only Premier League team that stands in their shape. Judging from the appearance of a new form, there was a preference for the simplicity of design. Again missing the lapel on the collar ? now he appeared in the form of a thick V - shaped stripes. On the sleeves thin white stripes. Draws attention to the fact that the emblem of the club taken in a circle, which in the last two samples home form was not. In General, the t-shirt resembles a sample of the 50-ies, from which, apparently, were inspired by artists Umbro.Executive Director Trevor BTRC: "I Hope the fans will be satisfied with the appearance and versatility of our new form. I insert est am sure everyone must be sure that we will see em in the Champions League next season".Did not remain without attention and goalkeepers. Here from the bright itlto-Carnoy combination Umbro decided to go back to grey, in which goalkeepers played est last season. But the originality of the new sweaters can be evaluated by looking at the back ? she was covered in unusual spots..


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