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Elvir rahimić: Lokomotiv team feel uncomfortable

Elvir rahimić: Lokomotiv team feel uncomfortableActually it is not as noticeable on the field, as many of its counterparts. It and is clear: Elvir rahimić performs a so-called dirty work, the value of which is difficult to overestimate. Bosnian is one of the key positions in CSKA, but his class he confirmed last season, when included in the symbolic team of Russian championship assessments "SE".- In all the previous clubs I played at the position midfielder, more endowed with defensive functions, " says rahimić. - In this role I was invited and CSKA. When we are defending ourselves, I actually become the fourth player on the defense. Isn't it someone else's goal?- We've got to attack anyone. My main job is to take the ball away from opponents and a quick pass to start our combinations. In other words, I am the destroyer.- But you rated player mid-field!- I'm not saying that I am not allowed to connect to the attacks. If possible, having fun doing it. Last year, for example, took the game over in the match with "torpedo" and scored a goal. Once again excelled in the meeting with the "Alania". Another thing is that for the most part have to help out in defence. We're playing three in the midfield, and two of my partner are closer to the opponent's goal. You can say that I play the Libero position of midfield. Although, sometimes, you have to act personally against any of the contenders.- You spent four years in Russia and has gained a reputation as one of the most consistent players of our League...- ...two and a half years in Anji and a half in CSKA I have not missed a single game, except when it was disqualified. All matches started in the starting lineup and almost always played without substitutions.- What the secret of this enviable permanence?- To admit, never didn't think of it. Probably able to look after themselves. CSKA, however, you have to: competition in us higher. Will work well - get into the lineup. Will not - will not get. This simple rule I try to abide by.- It seems that your game is perfect for team style army?- I hope we will be able to add, because this year we must try to become Champions of Russia. But in General, I like the game of our team. We will attack much more frequently than defend, score many goals. This and fans like.- What do you think about the level of the Russian championship?- It is quite high and every year adds. Say, the coming championship will certainly be the most interesting in recent years. I have to everything around here used and for at least the next three years not going to change anything. Among other things, CSKA poses a serious problem, and it always attracts.- Curiously, against a Russian team you play someone, but against what?- I like matches with Spartak, who prefers outdoor soccer. He himself plays, and other gives. And here "the locomotive" can be called uncomfortable team. He always acts defensive, cautious, and his favorite score is 1-0. Simply put, the "locomotive" looks nutralise, but it is reliable.- The match against this opponent you finished last season, and now the super Cup open a new.- What is there to say? Will try to play better than in last year's Golden match. And, of course, to win.Maxim KWIATKOWSKI.


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