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A locomotive. Locomotive history

A locomotive. Locomotive historyThe railroad opened the season in 2003, almost a month earlier than other Premier League clubs. No tangible dividends of the February matches with AC Milan, the team of Yuri Semin has brought. At the same time meeting with red and black not given reason to doubt that claim of "Locomotive" in the new Russian League title is fully justified.It's not "honorable-worthy account of both meetings of the champion of Russia with the Italian Grand. Just the very course of these matches dispelled many of the tenets of the "seasonal" theory of Russian football."Locomotive" in February looked not at all a sort of a Russian bear, not understanding why he was lifted from the den in the middle of winter hibernation, and pointless hopping across the snow-covered pitch, wasted trangia and without that few forces.No, the railroad is practically not inferior to the Italians nor the level of functional training, nor in the meaningfulness of tactics and game discipline. Not enough, perhaps, only the sense of rhythm and sense of camaraderie - the feeling that to any professional team, by definition, cannot come in the opening games of the season.So red and green this year confirmed the findings, an obvious last fall: "the locomotive" becomes quite competitive club even against legislators in European fashion. Will it be possible in the new season say that about anyone of the other candidates for high positions in the Russian Premier League until the issue. However, the super Cup match showed that at least one member of the alleged "Golden" race " CSKA is too long "to harness" is not going to. The battle for the new domestic trophy turned out just fabulous for entertainment (it's in March!). It is clear that the army is well aware that to let go of railwaymen into the lead at the start of the tournament, and came to the beginning of the season in readiness.And yet "the locomotive" in the championship is in the hands of perhaps the most trumps: stable, but not aging the composition in the presence of the talented youth, far from being wasted ambition reserve team, a well-considered selection. Finally, in "fire and water" of the Champions League the railroad acquired the necessary psychological balance. And certainly not going to shake their champion mindset the fact that no national team for the first time, winning the national gold next year are unable to repeat this success.There is no doubt that the railroad will try to write the history of our football new original page. And fierce competition, the team of Yuri Semin, according to the head coach, not afraid. And she's ready to be first among equals, if of equal strength really exists. And about the equality of all football clubs before the law, and fans of the railroad not only say, but also seek to defend it in fact: no wonder the Russian Champions had accepted the indulgence of the Premier League before the start of the season, refusing to transfer the match of the first round with "Uralanom".Brutalise until the completion of last season, the leaders Lokomotiv clearly stated his position: they would take the effort to keep the team's main goalkeeper of Russian national team Sergey Ovchinnikov. And his word to the club President Valeri Filatov Yuri Semin kept, agreeing with "Port" on the extension of the lease term goalkeeper.But at the same time the railroad was returned from Saratov "the Falcon" and experienced Platon Zakharchuk, who almost single-handedly almost saved Volga club from relegation to the first division. Such a step "the locomotive" has clearly demonstrated that, setting the highest goals in any tournament, national or international, the club can afford to have two goalkeepers of the highest level. And then there are the elder goalie shop Zaur japow. Of course, Ovchinnikov will get much more playing time than his colleagues on line. But just look how rich and gambling makes classes coach goalkeepers "Loco" Alexander Rakitskaya to quickly verify that each of the goalies of the team will be able to save the right tone for the season.Sometablename defenders "the Locomotive" are included in the various national teams. And almost everyone has the necessary universalism, being ready to play in the Central axis, and on the flank, and on the player. So Yuri Semin can build protective orders not only for the defense of the gate itself, but also taking into account team needs, creative play in the meeting with one or another opponent.And the players, in turn, are willing to innovate. The last of them - four linear defender plus two defensive midfielder (home match with "Milan") ? according to one of the leaders Lokomotiv's Sergei Ignashevich, looks particularly promising.Polysemies returning to build of Marat Izmailov rivals will be even more difficult to deal with red - green for game advantage. It is naive to believe that a brilliant game Dmitry Loskov in the second half of last season is that in the absence Izmailov he had the opportunity to solo on the field. There is no doubt that the coaches of Lokomotiv will provide an opportunity to bring maximum benefit to the team and best player of Russia-2002, and young talent that has yet to fully prove himself. And when you consider that they act on the field with the direct support of the indie ? Vladimir Maminov and two aggressive "edge" ? Vadim Evseev and Jacob, Lekhetho, I must admit that the middle line of the railroad looks very formidable, not only in the national football standards.Napadisylate sharp scoring striker the most important task not only for the Russian coach. Consistently scoring forwards not so much, and throughout Europe. Well, the notebook goalscorer in "Locomotive" is not. However, the selection forwards the champion is quite extensive and varied - Russians Pimenov and Buznikin, Brazilian Cesar, the Nigerian Obiora (it is, however, permanent injury heals) and Costa Rican parks."Locomotive" in 2002 godu balls missed the defense team - best score in the Championships of Russia.3 goals Lokomotiv in 15 home matches ? an average of 0.2 goals per game.2790 minutes spent on the field goalkeeper Sergei Ovchinnikov - most in the championship.23 minutes played in one match striker Sergei Ovchinnikov.22 players - less than other teams took the field as part of a team in the championship.The railroad is the only one who never lost a single match.6 teams failed to score a red-green single ball in the championship.13th national champion became the "locomotive", which lasted on the road to the crown championship in 66 years.Yuri Semin became the third coach that has won in the Russian tournaments and gold medals and the Cup. For six months it was ahead of Valery Gazzaev, who won in summer 2002 Cup (he had previously won gold Vladikavkaz). First both got Oleg Romantsev.0,81 - coefficient of reliability (the number of goals conceded divided by the number of matches) by Sergei Ovchinnikov is one of the best in the Russian Championships. This season the guest can reach the second place among goalies on the number of matches played in the Championships of Russia. For this it is enough to take the field in 13 meetings.Michael Shpenkov.


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