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Sychov: for Marcel is Milan?

Sychov: for Marcel is Milan?Italian newspaper Tuttosport suggests that in the case of Sychev, signed the agreement with Marseille, put only a comma, not a point. Specializing in the transfer transactions, the publication believes that in June the young forward may be in "Milan". In exchange, the Italians are ready to give the French another striker Jon Dahl Tomasson, who has no chance to gain a foothold in the starting lineup, "Milan", according to the newspaper.This Saturday, the publication looks as sensational, so, in my opinion, and quite plausible. Tuttosport newspaper that the dog ate in the transfer deals, its journalists are constantly monitoring all the players having any relation to the Italian clubs. And Dmitry Sychev got this year in the sphere of interests of two monsters Serie a - AC Milan and Lazio. So the focus of the person Sychev is understandable, especially in the last six months, his name consistently POPs up in the local press.Now - as for "Milan". Not going to argue that summer Sychev sure it will. But to be surprised at this fact would not. Milan club has turned its gaze on a young player after his successful performance at the world Cup. So the visit of Milan's emissary to Moscow, no one then was not a surprise. On approval of the Italian press, "Milan" offered "Spartak" from 6 to 8 million euros, but the Russian club this amount was not satisfied. Besides, one day in the office, "Milan" people came, representing private interests, Sychev, and the club refused dialogue. The more so then an opportunity to buy the Brazilian Rivaldo, and the football Federation imposed a hard limit on foreigners outside the European Union.However, the "Milan" on Sychev has not forgotten. Either in January or in the summer, the limit on foreign players is likely to cancel, and therefore, to the question of Sychev could come back. But much easier to do that if by that time he will play in the more familiar the Milanese Dynamo or especially in Western Europe.And that's not all. If last summer, Milan had intended to pay for Sychev 6-8 million euros, next summer he can get the club for free, and then another, and with money in the bargain. Why? Yes, because the statutes referred to in the note, came as a free agent. In the starting lineup, "Milan" he not break, and in the French club, he would become a prominent figure today his name and experience are worth 2 - 3 million euros. Hardly "Marseille" will pay "Spartak" more than this amount, and this means that, exchanging Tomasson on Sychev, you can get a talented player, and if need be earned.Will be Sychev at Milan or not - time will tell. But that it there matchmaker, has its own logic.George KUDINOV.


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