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Chievo will go to San Siro to win

Chievo will go to San Siro to winThe head coach of AC Chievo Verona Luigi Del Neri said that his team will be able to enter the four leaders of the championship of Italy, thereby gaining themselves a spot in the Champions League next season. Previously, Del Neri said that the sole purpose of Verona club was to avoid relegation to Serie b, but in recent years the demands 52-year-old coach has increased significantly.Sunday "Chievo" meets "Milan" at the stadium "San Siro", but Del Neri noticed that he is not afraid of meeting with the 16-time Champions Italy in their field demonstrates quite newpagetitle game lately."We're going to Milan to win. This season once again proved that no team should take anything for granted. Anyway, we easily prepare for the match against AC Milan, as the attitude of the guys are really fighting. Many would pay to play on "San Siro", but here we get paid, so we played in this stadium," said Del Neri.Few believed that the "Chievo" will be able to repeat what made the team last season, finishing in fifth place in the standings of the Italian championship and won a ticket to the UEFA Cup. However, victories over teams like inter, Milan and Roma have proven that the "Chievo" not just a miracle - opening Series, And intends to stay here for long..


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