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George Bazaev: Beat Spartak in Moscow - it is a double honour

George Bazaev: Beat Spartak in Moscow - it is a double honourAfter defeating Spartak Moscow Bazaev-senior first went to meet his brother - in Ramenskoye. On the way there, the correspondent "SE" and found him on the mobile.- The last time Vladikavkaz won in Moscow at the Spartak players nearly eight years ago - in may ' 95. At the end of the season "Spartak-Alania" won the gold medal. In this regard, don't you think it is symptomatic of Sunday success on East street?- Battle with wards of Oleg Romantseva for our team always was special. "Spartacus" is "Spartacus". To win multiple champion honorable, and in the capital - an honour twice.- But in "Spartak" now a lot of newcomers. And it is believed that he is not as strong as in the recent past... I do Not agree. While in "Spartak" played by top players such as Yegor Titov, he doesn't need to fear for the present and the future. And updated last offseason most clubs, including ours.- Your goal was the game-winning...- Excellent transfer I did Elvetia, and Spartak's goalkeeper played awkwardly. But football is a collective game, and the victory was a team effort. And luck was on our side. When we took the lead - 2:1, Muscovites have not used some great moments.- It seems that you become the storm "Spartacus". Remember your goal in red and white in April of last year?- How can you forget?! It was my first goal in the top division. But my brother luck in the match with "torpedo". Last year Vorobyev scored when played in Vladikavkaz. Today again he was disappointed. And again far from a free-kick.- I regret that deliver Dzhambulatom for different clubs?- Of course. We had quite a bit to play together. But there were circumstances. I brother really miss. We call each other every day. Today has already congratulated each other. Now I will speak with you, and then go to a meeting with Dzhambulatom. When else will ever see?! However, nowhere Jaba will not get to come to Vladikavkaz at the first opportunity. There waiting for his beautiful wife Leila. The younger brother married. He had a son, whose picture on your t-shirt. And all of you in the bachelors go?- You too (smiles). My father about it almost every day reminds. But I probably won't get married until, while "Spartak-Alania" once again become a solid club.Sergey KAPUSTIN.


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