Pestryakov eager to play for Spartak

Pestryakov eager to play for SpartakSuch a clearing on a Saturday on the East!", exclaimed the sports Director of "Spartak" Alexander Chikunov, when the correspondent "SE" with him watched one of the last before the start of the official season of training, the "Spartacus". Field on torpedoman the stadium, they say, is unimportant. But on the basis of Tarasovka people did a great job. For early spring training pitch is in excellent condition. Probably more so worked Spartak with hunger.While the main mystery at camp red-white: will you play today Titov and Vashchuk? Spartak kept it a closely guarded secret. At a recent meeting with fans Oleg Romantsev left from the direct answer. And the players themselves, when talking about the match with "torpedo-the Metallurgist", only jokes. In this case, and Titov, Vashchuk and with admirable spirit trained in the General group. In addition, questionable part in the match rootless, Abramides and Kramarić. The first two small problems with the knees, and the Brazilian - with the rear surface of the thigh.By the way, the team has a experienced doctor Vladimir Flecker, which since 1999 has worked in the Spartak reserve team and Romantseva familiar even in "Krasnaya Presnya" in the mid-80s. Dr. Artem Katulin transferred to another post: he will deal with the diagnosis in the new medical center.With goalkeepers worked Alexey Prudnikov. Moroccan Bugs in training impressed very Jumpy goalkeeper. But if at the last camp in Turkey African seemed the undisputed candidate for the number one position, but now his chances a little higher than the chances of a young Zueva, who works tirelessly.Brazilian players also trained with good mood. The Olympic team striker Robert was a thumbs up. A strong and quick defender luisão, in the opinion of the coaches, now looks at the level of Kramarić.In the company of leaders Spartak - Titova, Kovtun and Asuka - looked very organically newcomer 25-year-old Oleg Pestryakov, which after the practice was interviewed by the correspondent "SE".- A variant with "Spartak"?- A couple of months ago I went to Chikunov, which I know is still in Rostov. And just recently had a conversation on the phone with Romantseva, who gave approval for my transfer. Very glad to be back in such an eminent team of "Spartak".- In 1999 you were already in there. Then what prevented you to play for red and white?- Don't even want to remember. Most importantly, I now Spartacist. I have had offers from several Premier League teams, but I wanted to play in Russia, in "Spartak".- You have many friends here?- Yes. Ukrainian team know Parfenova, Asuka, Kalinichenko, familiar with Demenko. In General, cozy feel to a new team. Loved the workout, where there was a lot of work with the ball.- How is your health, because two years ago you received a terrible injury for a long time and not played?- Injury I had the same as Parfenova. Some said I was quitting football. But, as you can see, has recovered. However, a year and a half had to miss. However, now in fighting shape.- Why did you leave Shakhtar?- Head coach Valeriy Yaremchenko refused my services. Frankly, I do not know what it involves. Because I recently signed with Shakhtar new two-year contract and the last three test matches gave five assists. But if the coach is not counting on you, so look for a new team.- What position did you play recently?- Left midfielder.- How do you feel physically?- Great. Passed with Shakhtar all preseason. Loads were very decent, but I passed them. So now want to get on the field and play.Alexey MATVEEV.


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