In Spain not comment on reports of a possible transfer of David Beckham to real Madrid

In Spain not comment on reports of a possible transfer of David Beckham to real MadridThis news was in short form, passed on Saturday evening influential radio station and the Agency "Cadena SER", and more details were provided of the main newspaper of Spain Estrella Gobierno digital". However, in the Spanish media on Sunday, reports and comments on this sensational occasion. There was no word about the transition to English football in real and on the Internet website of the club of Madrid.The correspondent of RIA "news" tried several times to contact the management of "real" to get his comments on this occasion, however, his attempts were unsuccessful. Spanish sports journalists also surprised by the message "Cadena SER" and "Estrella Gobierno digital". They do not exclude that these authoritative Spanish media, wishful thinking, hurried to announce the success of the negotiations over the transfer of Beckham to real Madrid, which, they claimed, "was held in the summer of utter secrecy".Earlier in the Spanish media have already appeared similar reports, but later they were not confirmed, as at the last moment the negotiations were deadlocked.Another explanation may be that in this case it was about new year's raffle, which occasionally held in Spain at this time, although this tradition is almost forgotten..


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PS: кто то задавал вопрос про наладку частотных преобразователей, вот сайт - рекомендую!

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