Alexander elensky: Contract Vashchuk with Dinamo expires on 31 December 2002

Alexander elensky: Contract Vashchuk with Dinamo expires on 31 December 2002Yesterday in the guest book on the website hosted online fans with the technical Director of FC "Spartak" (Moscow) Alexander Elensky, in which was expressed the position of the red and white in connection with the transfer of the captain of Kiev "Dynamo" Vladislav Vashchuk. "Contract Vashchuk with FC Dynamo Kyiv will expire on 31 December 2002, - says Elena. From January 1, 2003, the footballer, now nandasena on vacation, has the right to contract with any club of his choice. In Dynamo (Kyiv) neither player has a copy of the contract on his hands. Three days ago, during my stay in Kiev, I managed to get a copy of the contract Vashchuk from an employee of the club Dinamo (Kiev).In this contract, signed in 1995 for 5 years, has a clause that automatically renews the contract AST two years indicating the specific date of completion is 31 December 2002. This contract was registered in the Ukrainian PFL. This item is no longer valid from the point of view of Ukrainian legislation and regulations of FIFA. But even if to dismiss it, to extend the contract automatically AST two years, given that Vashchuk officially notified Dynamo (Kyiv) that he's retiring from January 1, 2003 in connection with the expiration of the contract, of course impossible. In this situation, the only possible falsification and forgery. No contract valid until 30 June 2004 does not exist. In January 2003 FXM asked the RFU to apply to the Ukrainian football Federation to issue the international transfer certificate." Information on signing a Vaschuk contract with "Spartak" has not been confirmed yet and on the official website of the player.In addition, yelensky commented on the recent events surrounding Dmitry Sychev. "According to FIFA interested parties tried to lobby the decision of the case Sittwe in favor of Dynamo (Kyiv) - said the technical Director of "Spartak". The media repeatedly published various interviews or excerpts from the interview, which said that on 5 January 2003 Sicht becomes a free agent. With Marseille, Spartak never had had a long and close friendship. It turns out that the French club are not smart enough to wait a couple of weeks and pick up a player for the same residual value. In it someone will believe? The answer is simple. Before signing the transfer contract, the Olympic consulted in FIFA and the Spanish lawyer FXM Juan Crespo. And unlike Kiev "Dynamo" before the French came very quickly, just pick up Sicta will not work. From a legal perspective at FXM from the beginning were very strong position"..

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