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British lawmakers are forcing players to play up to 55 years old

British lawmakers are forcing players to play up to 55 years oldSignificantly lengthen your sports age will have the footballers and Rugby players in the UK in accordance with the new amendments to the pension regulation of the United Kingdom. As reported here today, informed sources, the changes will make the representatives of these sports, as well as supermodels and dancers to work until 55 years before retirement. Previously to retire can be had in 35 years.The impetus for a dramatic increase in age ceiling for pensions became General aging of the population, which revealed held in 2001 census. Under the new proposals, the Cabinet of Ministers on pension coverage only at a rather advanced age have not forgotten athletes. Such innovations can literally shock first of all these young "stars" of the English Premier League as a striker, "Liverpool" 22-year-old Michael Owen and 17-year-old talented striker of Everton Wayne Rooney in the sport, and serious injury.Currently athletes deposits in pension funds - best tax efficient way of investing. However, as experts warn that the new rules will compel prosperous now stars refocus their investments on such a "tax haven" as Monaco..


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