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Martin Kushev: Preferred Shinnik Turkish clubs

Martin Kushev: Preferred Shinnik Turkish clubs29-year-old striker "Shinnik" the Bulgarian Martin Kushev, left Sofia Slavia in the rank of top scorer of the national championship, has already begun to justify the advances. His goal in gate "Rostov" has not only allowed the citizens to avoid defeat, but also recognized as the "SE" the most beautiful in the second round.- Game head - my ACE - recognized striker. - Speaking at home, I often scored from the "second floor". Growth, good, lets go to the winner in aerial duels. The main thing is that such targeted transfers, which made Kucharz was more. Tomas gave the ball at a comfortable height, and I just had to punch in a "dead zone".- In Rostov "Shinnik" has gained a point or two lost?- The first time was unimportant, but after the break we dominated possession and had many chances to win. When the score became 1:1, I thought that we will be able to put the squeeze on rivals. But then came the removal Fuzaylov, broke "Shinnik" game.- As you Russian League compared to Bulgarian?- Two matches big difference I noticed. However met "Shinnik" not with the leading clubs, so let's come to conclusions wait. If we compare our first opponents, Rostov liked me more. Perhaps because they played at home, with the support of the fans. The atmosphere at Russian stadiums'm generally pleasantly surprised - didn't expect, frankly, to see the stands full in nasty weather.- How did you get in "Shinnik"?- After returning from "saarbrГјcken", where they were financial problems, the last five years I defended the colors of the Sofia clubs - first "Levski", then "Slavia". Won the national Cup and became the champion - in a word, achieved everything he was striving for. Incentives are no more, and I wanted to try on a different level. With President Slavia agreed: if there is a suggestion that suits the club, he'll let me go. There were a few options, but I chose Russia. Representatives of "Shinnik" two or three times he came to our games, and then started concrete negotiations.- What clubs have showed interest in you?- Turkish. In particular, Kocaelispor" and "Diyarbakirspor". Why preferred "Shinnik"? Felt Yaroslavl team needs more.- Three weeks had time to adapt in "Shinnik"?- The team I was accepted, so do not feel any discomfort. Gradually find a common language with teammates and on the field.- It is said that the President of the club, Nikolay Tonkov put before you a task to score 15 goals.- Hit the gate is my direct responsibility, but a lot depends on how you will play the team. Besides, in "Shinnik" the emphasis is on collective action - there can be different any. Will do, of course, the effort to perform a set norm, although for myself I never set the scoring bar. Striker should strive to score in every match.Sergey ILIEV.


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