IГ±aki sГЎez: In a sense I am a father to his players

IГ±aki sГЎez: In a sense I am a father to his playersThe closer paired the March-April the European qualification matches, the more inflames the fire of hype around them at the Pyrenees...especially since that in Spain are convinced that the most difficult barrier to Portugal "selecion pending in Kiev. Say, winning the "Olympic" virtually guarantees Pets of iГ±aki SГЃEZ "green street" on the remaining turns of the qualifying tournament.Perhaps this statement is somewhat giperplazirovannam, but a grain of truth in it, certainly, is present. Let's not forget: the Spaniards already have the victory in inhospitable for any enemy of Greece, and at home they are extremely reluctant to share points with anyone. Behind examples far to go too - remember how confident they are on the Balearic plunged the Vice-Champions of the world - the Germans...However sГЎez not carried away by the result may be successful but still friendlies. "Entrenador" today more than ever concerned with the problems that hit the key defenders for the team. The Elger, Juanito Alonso, Garcia Calvo - this is only a partial list of players of the defensive line, which recently faced with injuries. On how he intends to overcome difficulties, not only the mentor of the leader of the sixth group of Euro 2004 told reporters Marca.- Senor sГЎez, you dare to dramatically rejuvenate the national team. Meet your expectations, yesterday's reserve team?- All my coaching life was busy with the younger generation, know its capabilities, and therefore it would not be reasonable to expect me to other policies in the post of first team coach. Do not be afraid to trust young people. In it, believe me, there are plenty of decent guys that are ready to solve serious problems.- You mean the global goal? In other words, Spain was able with the current staffing set to finally win, say, a continental championship? If I didn't believe it, it is probably in my position now would sit by someone else.- But in each competitive cycle, the situation is repeated with surprising regularity: Spain has no problems in qualifying, but in the final tournament for almost two decades did not get to the final game...- You are right. The imbalance between the desires and capabilities of the team and then upsetting Spain. I hope my team will finally justify the hopes of the nation.- Spiteful critics argue that you do not always justifiably prefer the youth and experienced veterans. They say that there is discrimination... " Nonsense. Personnel castlings are dictated by life itself. For example, left the team voluntarily Hierro, joined him a few veterans. What were we supposed to do in this situation? Properly, to find reserves to strengthen the weakened positions. We are gradually introduced to the youth team, that was not an adventurous experiment. So the squad rotation, I think, happened in a timely manner.- You hardly seem to be around the coach, who in addition to his primary duties of another and in parallel has a very active role in training Junior and youth teams.- I enjoy it. Besides free time, I am not deprived, because the national team for the year shall hold no more than 10-12 matches. A similar work philosophy practiced by me in "Athletics", and it is, believe me, gave very good results. So why abandon proven methods?- It is often said that sГЎez in the team is practically the same that Vicente del Bosque at Real Madrid. Allude to the resemblance in attitudes and principles of operation... Same coaches, as, indeed, people do not exist. And between us with Vicente, of course, there are differences. But one thing is still your brother journalist agrees: Spain gradually are times when coaching stuff was in a kind of "pen", was ignored by employers. Experience del Bosque at Real Madrid shows: our specialists are actually not as bad as, if not more.- As and your and del Bosque's coaching virtues called the mental attitude players. Family environment is really so important to the team?- Of course! The team should not weigh military aura, because the players are a creative person, they must enjoy their work. And in that regard, we really feel in some degree the parents of the wards. This is a very normal approach.- The coach sГЎez first of all he values in a player?- Mind. If a player is unable to adequately perceive coaching ideas and know how to bring them to life on the field, I say, "I am powerless". And looking for another, thinking by. The presence of wise players - the key to permanent success.- Admit it, you see the perfect model for today's team? Maybe have the desire to borrow it from any of the successful teams? No. We have to stick to our course and nothing, no one to borrow. Spain should always be recognizable. For the sake of it and work.- You have real stars. For example, Raul... Yes, this is a worthy example to follow. I would be happy if all my players were as well prepared technically and physically, had the same thirst for wins as does Raul. Players under any circumstances should not stop there, they must always strive for more. As their captain Raul... Team is currently experiencing some difficulties in the centre of defence. 't remember furtively times, when this area of the field confidently ruled the roost Fernando Hierro?- It happens, but life does not stand still. If we have no second Hierro, nothing else, create a new one. The challenge, of course, is not easy, but falling into a depression is not worth it. In Spain there are talented defenders, and our goal is to not only have they perfected a purely football nuances, but also develop the skills of the chief at his work station. It should be people with character, who are neither themselves in the offense will not, nor teammates.- Spain is wondering how you are going to close the gap in Central defence in two specific matches that await the team in March-April. Because the state of those same Algeri, Puyol, Cesar due to their injuries leaves much to be desired...- so, the head will have to break. I keep in mind some guys that can, if necessary us to insure. For Example, Marcheno.

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