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Bobby Charlton: the die Hard Arsenal London

Bobby Charlton: the die Hard Arsenal LondonArsenal hard time fitting in this season's FA Cup: Arsene Wenger's team for the second time in a row occurs with the strongest teams in the Premier League, but such is the whim of fate.One of the clubs in rivals constantly get or averages, or representatives of the lower divisions, while others have blood and sweat to hack their way to the final, battling with the favorites.If Arsenal this year will again be able to win the Cup, this achievement can be safely considered a football feat. Judge for yourself: "gunners" at the moment are fighting on three fronts, while not losing the chances of winning on any of them.It is amazing how players can be so much effort and energy? Wenger will have a lot of head-scratching over how to preserve the freshness in the game in the home stretch of the season, which, apparently, will have his charges are very complex.Not to mention and also the achievements of Junior-grade teams ? in the semi-finals made at once two representatives of the first division, which happens infrequently.Particularly impressive are the achievements of Waford": "Canary" has already knocked out two teams draw in the Premier League ? "West Brom and Sunderland, and now barred the road "Burnley".Let's see what happens next, but don't be surprised if this year in the final, will be playing not only clubs from the higher echelons of English football..


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