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Chernomorets. Christ's command

Chernomorets. Christ's commandDuring the off-season in Novorossiysk "Chernomorets" has worked three trainers. The core team consists of players who are over thirty. Finally, the budget of the club is equal to eight million dollars, of which six are provided by the state. What to expect from "Chernomorets" in the forthcoming championship?The offseason was at Novorossiysk, needless to say, rough. Anything happened: rumors of high-profile transfers, the statement about a possible withdrawal from the League to gain a Foothold in the top ten is such a goal for the team in the season. But initially, in December when the team got to work Vladimir Shevchuk (he was the first coach of Novorossiysk in the winter), it was about the zone winners. After just a few days it was discovered that money on the Premier League no. Shevchuk left and never returned. "Even in order to set a task to take place not less than ten, you need about eight million dollars," he told me then Vladimir Mikhailovich.After Shevchuk to perform the duties of head coach appointed Igor Gamul, but it was obvious that the figure this time. And a month prior to the championship stood at the helm Valery Bushel, who worked as the head coach at Chelny KAMAZ, which was started Nigmatullin, Zakharchuk and Varlamov.Now the club has the same eight million, which said in mid-January Shevchuk. But every silver lining - the players claim to public money from the Treasury of the Krasnodar territory equally with teachers and doctors. Moreover, considerable means are spent for liquidation of consequences of natural disasters. In the case of an emergency, who will give money in the first place? However, according to Vice-President of the club George Antonian, there should be no problems - all payments are clearly described, and the arrangement is not disturbed.Finally, perhaps the most serious doubts on seasonal prospects "Chernomorets". The Foundation team consists of players, even playing together for years, but all the same age. Thirty Kanalzevu, Ayupova, Ivanov, presedo, Terekhin. Lev Mayorov, beginner 12th season in Novorossiysk, is 33 years. Because of the age of the captain "Chernomorets" is sometimes called "Christ" command. Do this forces squad thirty championship games plus a few Cup? However, in Novorossiysk in this offseason brought six Brazilians - they strongly rely, as to the Maxim Levitsky and Cameroonians Cuisse. In addition to the Quadrangle returned armeec Varlamov - he will spend in Novorossiysk one year in rent. In principle, this team is capable of even more than a place in the top ten. Of course, if the agreement will not be violated, and football interests in the region will not depart on the second plan.Direct recovery Bushel was appointed chief coach of "Chernomorets" exactly one month before the opening match in the championship of Russia-2003. The club then said that he received a "clever and cunning" specialist who should help the team to get into the top ten. The Quadrangle believes that the Novorossiysk on the forces and higher places.? Thirty days will be enough to prepare the team?? Of course, ideally I would like more time - this will tell you of any coach. But I already managed to work in a team assistant to the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, so I had time to get accustomed to the guys. And I can say that eighty percent of the first team for me is clear.? Pleased with pre-season training?? Yes, if only so you can call the month that I worked with the team. But the European experience ? there are prepared for a variety of reasons much less time than we have. Forty days is enough local trainers. And the form is already gaining during the season. Well, let's follow European models. In addition, we played in the Cyprus collection of seven test matches, which I can already tell.? In this offseason the club had conducted a fairly extensive selection. How successful is it?? All the players we took on a specific position, where the required gain. Of course, the results of the selection will be determined during the season, but in qualifying, for example, Maxim Levitsky or Cuisse ever no doubt. Both played at a high level and proved their worth. This pair will help us. Besides both not so long ago played in Novorossiysk and understand that awaits them here.? In Novorossiysk came six Brazilians. How to explain such passion for South Americans?? A good level of football in this country and accordingly a high level of local players. The Brazilians, it is felt, thoroughly examined our life and hope to stay here longer. Well, we will be happy if these guys will help us. It is encouraging that in the test games they showed good football. Although, of course, the capabilities of each to the end to make sense only in official games. ? The backbone of a basic structure called those players Chornomorets, who are over thirty. Terekhin and the company will lose it?? Don't worry about them - these will endure. All of our veterans I know work in other clubs. The level of these players were allowed to play the first role in the team before the current season. Don't see any reason why they suddenly due to age needs to slow down. In my time as a coach in Naberezhnye Chelny was Nikolay Kolesov, who at thirty-five showed great football. Besides, I wouldn't call it "Chernomorets" team only some veterans. We have young guys: Ruslan Surodin, Alexander Garin, Georgian forward of Chitashvili-? After coming Varlamov and Piwka "Chernomorets" became known as perhaps farm club of CSKA. Yes and you before arriving in Novorossiysk worked in the mill red-blue-? We are not a farm club of CSKA.

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