Ruby. Mysterious but promising debutant

Ruby. Mysterious but promising debutantTurkmenistan and Brazil. Senegal and Uruguay. Lithuania and Uzbekistan. Morocco and the Czech Republic, Georgia and Costa Rica. And, finally, Russia. This Is "Ruby"-2003.Players from eleven countries, including newcomers from the world renowned clubs like Fluminense, "Dynamo", "Nationale" or "Sparta". The Premier League newcomers have made all winter, so that, on the one hand, become stronger, and to confuse all future opponents.To understand what a capable team Kurban Berdyev, it's very difficult. The fact is that nobody really knows how they were going to play Kazan. It just so happened that "ruby" is going away from the main places of wintering of the Russian clubs. Spain was the perfect place for gathering potential team members, who came from North and South America, Africa and Europe. Cyprus Kazan "exiled" double, while in Turkey the basic structure visited in January. By this point in Rubin had neither the Čžjžek with Nowotny, nor Castro with Scotty. These four, as well as the Brazilian Roni - the main advantages Berdyev, who himself makes his debut in the Russian Premier League.To debut in the company of the best teams of the country Kazan came up with the peculiar capital of Tatarstan thoroughness and care. Berdyev, despite much talk about the need for a total renovation of the structure, changed the details in the command mechanism very carefully. In the end, the old-timers in the updated "Ruby" not less than beginners. The composition has changed, competition has increased, but breaking done before and build anew coach did not. He preferred to implant already mastered in the command scheme of players, many of whom were picked up personally. In November - December Berdyev has traveled around the world. Today it is clear - not in vain. The club from Kazan managed to get a really masters whose class is obvious.Probably on the background of transfers of Jarosik and albert Souza and Vashchuk, ruby and parks, Passoni and Dal Canto coming to Kazan Nowotny, Čžjžek, Scotty, Roni event looks less bright. On the other hand, the same Nowotny was for many years a leader of Sparta, the Czech captain of the club and would have long played in the West, if not for his patriotism, coupled with the generally low demand for defenders. Cheap to let the leader of the team in Prague did not want, but in the end waited until Nowotny "knocked" for 32 years. Lucky in this situation Kazan - she will appreciate this a Prague local, replaced the Vltava river to the Volga. How will surely love the fans Roni. The scandal surrounding his move to Rubin confirms: "network" selection caught standing "fish". For a bad player his masters to fight with competitors will not.What will happen, "Rubin" in the year of the debut in high society, today, is incredibly difficult to predict. But it is unlikely he will be among the outsiders. For beginners usually favors fortune, they subconsciously underestimate the favourites and reigning in the football boom usually helps to work wonders. How much Rubin will be able to surprise, and in part will become clear on March 15. Debut Kazan citizens will be in Moscow, and the examiner will perform CSKA. Here's Valery Gazzaev with his Vice-champion team and see what kind of game can offer a team of mystery.Dosierojn Kazankov founded in 1958 (1958 - 1964 was called "spark")the Best achievement In the USSR Championships - 8th place in the first League (1970)In the Russian Championships - 1st place in the first division (2002)In the USSR Cup - 1/8 finals (1967, 1969)In the Cup of the RSFSR - 1/2 final (1973)In the Russian Cup - 1/4 finals (1998)holds the record for the number of matches in the domestic League: Valery Martynov - 393 (1977 - 1995)the Best scorer in the national Championships: Vladimir Gavrilov - 85 (1985 - 1993)Biggest win in the domestic League - 7:0 (PC Ruzaevka, 1991; "Industriya Borovsk, 1996)biggest defeat in the domestic League - 0:6 (Dynamo Kirov, 1958; Squaw Odessa, 1958; FC Karpaty Lviv, 1970; Lokomotiv Samtredia, 1979; "Gazovik-Gazprom Izhevsk, 1994, 1995).Stadium: Central (22 500).The basis of performances in the Championships РоссииСезонЛигаМестоОчкиМячи1992153943-301993184448-4619942 (Center)151615-6519952 (Center)174232-5619962 (Center)67966-3419972 (Center)110288-221998176356-501999176656-492000137861-282001184644-442002117251-areentirely saastavatko, Calisto, Nowotny, Sinev, Castro, Sharon, čížek, Boyarintsev, Konovalov, Roni, Nechaev.The Rubin is an element of conditionality. It's not just that the selection process is not finished, but in coaching the concept of Kurban Berdyev. He does not divide the players and the subs, trying to pick up on every position of two equal performers, and often varied composition.The goalkeeper preferred to the old-timer teams Aleskerova and talented, but still inexperienced Harchik will be given Kozko - only played at the highest level. The defense team will be built "in-line". Must play a key role experienced Nowotny and Sinev, which at any moment will be able to replace Samarani, Fedorov and Silagadze.The čížek Boyarintsev and have proved themselves in the role of the wingers and Central midfield options. Tending to the destruction, the classic reference hav Sharonov has successfully complement exempted from part of the rough work of the organizer, a role which can act Konovalov or strong, but not as sophisticated in combination play of Muslin.In contrast to the first division in the offseason, Rubin used a couple of hitters. Place Roni seems to be solid, and the search for a second striker is in full swing. In the meantime, the chances Nechaeva look better than Kaladze - technical, but slow.Championship matches-tin.031-ICSCA (g)22.032-torpedo-Metalurh (d)6.043-acryla Tips (g)12.044-Spartak-Alania (e)19.045-Zenit (g)23.046-eurolan (e)4.057-Shinnik (g)10.058-torpedo (e)18.059-Dinamo (g)24.0510-erator (g)31.0511-Spartak (e)11.0612-Chernomorets (g)19.0613-Rostselmash (e)23.0614-Saturn (g)27.0615-Lokomotiv (e)11.0716-Lokomotiv (g)19.0717-Saturn (e)26.0718-Rostselmash (g)2.0819-Chernomorets (e)9.0820-Dinamo (e)16.0821-erator (e)23.0822-Spartak (g)31.0823-torpedo (g)13.0924-Shinnik (e)20.0925-eurolan (g)27.0926-Zenit (e)5.1027-Spartak-Alania (g)18.1028-acryla Councils (d)25.1029-torpedo-Metallurgist (g)1.1130-ICSCA (d)Andrey AFINOGENOV.

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