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The Championship Of Russia. Fresh blood should benefit

The Championship Of Russia. Fresh blood should benefit1. Your attitude to the invitation by Premier League clubs for the posts of head coaches Sergey Aleynikov and Igor Shalimov?2. How, in your opinion, for them will be next season?Gourmet TKACHENKO, President of "Wings of the Soviets":1. Convinced that a surge of new strength in the coaches will benefit Russian football. Immediately after their appointment and talked with Shalimov, and Aleynikov. Both as professionals, has made me a good impression. I think they have good chances to become qualified. I wish the young trainers success in the future championship, but not in matches with "Wings of the Soviets".2. I'm not a big fan of predictions. I can only assume that by the end of the season Shalimov a little better, she will become quite gray, and Aleynikov again learn to speak Russian.Vladimir RADIONOV, the General Secretary of the RFU:1. Treat the appointment of Shalimov and Aleynikov's OK because our football needs fresh ideas and new approaches. Both have wide experience of performances in Western clubs that are very valuable.2. Very worried about their fate. Failure can play a negative role in the fate of a whole generation. Baggage accumulated during his playing career, great, but how to apply it in business - a question of personality. Both were now in a difficult situation. There are those who will gloat and just enjoy their defeats. I sincerely wish the young coaches good luck.Boris BOBROV, sports Director RFPL:1. I was impressed with the game Shalimov and Aleynikov in clubs and national team. I wish them every success in his coaching career. I am glad that the coaching workshop of Russian football come the new wave. At the same time, it is a pity that there was another foreigner, but not domestic unclaimed specialist.2. To predict anything yet. The range can be from coaching failure to a successful result.Sergei SEMAK, midfielder of CSKA:1. Positively. It is unknown how the Shalimov and Aleynikov things go, but it is important that they are given the chance. However, I share professionals on talented and not very good, but not for young and old. If the coaches have changed each other in different teams, so the new generation was not serious competition. After all, the presidents of the clubs are not enemies to their teams, will not abandon a strong coach.2. Zillowcom will not be easy, since they will have to create a new team. But Uralan, in my opinion, needs to seriously compete for a place in the UEFA Cup. Alistina decent composition, which can present major challenges. In any event, fans from these changes will only benefit. Now they will watch not only for new players, but for new coaches.Evgeny KUZNETSOV, the head coach of the club "Esther" Sweden:1. The message about appointments Shalimov Aleynikov and I was pleased. Finally in Russian football was a breath of something new. And then the group of trainers went from team to team, not giving a result. Progress from this, naturally, could not be. Know Shalimov and Aleynikov as players, played with them: first - in "Spartak" the second - in the Olympic team. Therefore, in their high football skills no doubt. But a good player does not necessarily become a good coach: there are too many factors must be the same. For me, the most important work in addition to professionalism - the ability to create the team atmosphere: on the one hand, goodwill and high competition. I wish Shalimov's closure with Aleynikov, holding their line, not to lose the human connection with the players. Then, I'm sure they will be fine.2. In the beginning of the year in Sweden the chance to prove myself in this role was given to several well-known in the recent past players. Make use of them not all of them. Well step is the hardest. I don't know, how will the first step in Shalimov and Aleinikov, but I sincerely wish good luck to both. Apparently, in the "Uralane", and updated "torpedo-ZIL" means to eat, and therefore, the selection of players will be good.

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