Torpedo. Features black-and-white breeding

Torpedo. Features black-and-white breeding"Torpedo" in the current season almost did not attend the transfer market. The fourth team last season's Premier League was not to shock football fans or big acquisitions, no glorious victories."Gone are the days when we relied on big-name players, ? said in conversation with me, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of FC "torpedo" Vladimir Alyoshin. ? It's dated. Eguavoen, Leonidas, Zamorani, Duo - Where are these undoubtedly talented players? Their participation in the fate of the team remained in the memory and hearts of our fans. We refuse to participate in the competition for who will buy the famous players. We have our own school, the pupils of which we are going to bet".To an outside observer it may seem that the selection of the "torpedo" in the current season failed that the club failed to really strengthen the team. Yes, indeed, the composition of Lushnikova not replenished by immigrants from Brazil, Yugoslavia or Zimbabwe. Not caught a fish type from Czech Jarosik, although the bait in a size 3?$ 5 million to buy a world-class player was. However, the term "selection" implies not so much the search for foreign talent, how much growing your own. And the first shoots have appeared: in "torpedo" increasingly reveals the talents Lebedenko, Volkova, Panferova, Gorin.At the beginning of the offseason, the coach of the black and white Sergey Petrenko, under whose leadership, the team became the unofficial champion of the second round of last championship, with her 11-th to 4-th place, called the problematic line in the team. The attack. Alas, the search for candidates for positions of forwards has not yet yielded results. There were, however, view players similar to the Yugoslav Andjelkovic, however, to impress corrosive and hard Petrenko, they have failed. "Legionnaire should be stronger than our player, otherwise what's the point to buy it?" ? rightly asks torpedolike mentor.Last offseason Lushnikova trashing their opponents to smithereens. However, the championship started, and from the January / February swagger is not a trace remained. Petrenko was then next to Shevchenko, preparing the reserve team for the main team. He learned from his predecessor, analyzed its mistakes. Perhaps that is why before "torpedo" this winter is not the task was imperative to win every match. Petrenko has placed emphasis on the development of interaction in teams, the organization of the game.Happened embarrassing fiasco. As, for example, in the test matches against the Moscow "Dynamo" or the American "Los Angeles". The leaders of the "torpedo" was thankful that she gave them the chance to quickly make adjustments to the team, to find options for its enhancement. Ten days prior to the test called "the championship of Russia." And who knows, maybe these boys Moscow tempered frost on the meadow artificial Luzhniki stadium, matured in the battles against the Norwegians and Americans in Spain will get out of this fight with proudly raised heads. The heat-loving Brazilians, Yugoslavs and Africans are not accustomed to the harsh Russian soil... Sergey Petrenko: It is not our method is to view the players of packagesare Petrenko can be called the opening of last season's Premier League. And one hopes the start of the championship of Russia.- When your team is already tasked for the upcoming season?- Not yet. It will be announced at the traditional meeting of the leadership of the club and the fans, which will take place on 7 March.- In your opinion, what place capable of competing "torpedo"?- I have not seen all the teams. Say has increased markedly, "Saturn", "wings of the Soviets". As always, a strong Lokomotiv and CSKA. Metalurh looks good. I can only promise that we will fight for the highest places. I have a full understanding with the leaders of the club who are trying to cooperate with me in all my endeavors, and also with the players - they were aware that what I achieve.- Most importantly at the start of the championship?- Points scored. In my opinion, in the first matches, the chances of all teams are roughly equal. It is very important to properly tune and a good start. We need to play our own game like we did in the second half of last season. However, I'm not going to stop there. Like any coach, you dream about strengthening the team. Alas, this past offseason among those we saw were not the guys who can really strengthen the team, to be an outstanding acquisition. Yes, they could increase the competition for a place in the starting lineup. But no more.- I've heard how much time you spent watching TV, watching videos of performances of certain players. However, unlike, say, from Moscow Dynamo in the location of "torpedo" in the offseason traveled a limited number of potential recruits. Why?- Let's count: three young players, "Mostransgaz", the Yugoslav Andjelkovic, the Belarusian Tsigalko, Dagestani Lakhiyalov, Lithuania midfielder, Slavickas. That's all. To view players packs is unwise. We are point selection, reinforcing only those positions that need it, and only players who can strengthen us.- Many torpedolike fans fear that might leave the team its best player - Igor Semshov. How justified these concerns?- I think a lot depends on the player, his desire to play for our team. While he is with us, the club is trying to create his comfort. However, Semshov the rest of the torpedo, not booked a place in the starting lineup. Say, a stronger will look Zyryanov - why should I produce on the field semshova?- Which of the young guys are able this year to become a valuable team player?- Bugaev, Panferov, Bolechow, Lebedenko, Gorin, Fokin, wolves - all of them already managed to declare itself. Hopefully, this season, their talent will be revealed in full.Kaleidoscoped from the two most consistent teams of the last four years, who served during these years, only third-the fourth places in the new season enters without Vitaly Shevchenko.

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