Yury Sevidov: Relaxed, but too late-

Yury Sevidov: Relaxed, but too late-Against real Madrid Lokomotiv showed their best game loss in Porto will help in battles 2003. But, alas, the train has left the Match "the locomotive" ? Real Madrid have once again convinced me that thought: our teams are starting to show decent football when they are nothing. When everything has been decided.Losing all the chances of remaining in the Champions League, Lokomotiv allowed myself to relax and something to show in attack. The railroad moved away from his beloved their defensive tactics and tried to create danger in front of goal. Was mediocre (it was too much of confusion, bustle, lacked speed), but for that they should attempt to say thank you. Tried to play attacking football linebackers. Evseev, Maminov is Particularly pleased with Izmailov. It is seen that young midfielder is slowly starting to gain the former condition. This stroke was not afraid to go! But I think this is What "real"? Charges of del Bosque played too slow in the first place, blame the pitch. I think my favorite "Santiago Bernabeu" Royal club operates three times faster. The goal Ronaldo ? this is an indicator of class. Performed it was at the highest level. Stars are stars that can be done with them-If we summarize the performances of "Locomotive" in League of Champions, then I repeat: all of the case. When playing no tone ? nothing to wait for results. February, March ? it's just not our time. What could the players, "Locomotive", the showed. And they could in his current state a bit. Yes and facts ? because stubborn: last year, in the second group round of the railroaders scored three goals in two matches, and now ? in four meetings none.


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